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    Some advice please Royals

    Don't forget their world famous wriggly tin shitters
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    Security Risk Management Consultancy Course - Protection Group International

    Hello gents I've just completed the SRMC with PGI and agree that the guest speakers were excellent. Despite my military and commercial security background, I still found the course quite challenging. The course is still developing and I've given my feedback to the chaps in the training office...
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    Salamanca Maritime

    Gents, Could anyone tell me what Salamanca are paying these days, $ or £, rotations and do they have mixed teams? Any other info would be appreciated. Cheers
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    Royal Marine Reservists working in the industry.

    Rubber daggers-your flexible friends Per mare, per terram, per dies solis post meridiem! By sea, by land, by Sunday afternoon!
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    Marsec companies that consider ex police firearms

    My tuppence worth may be a tadge out of date but in Feb '10 I sat an interview with G4S in London and there was a non-mil/ol' bill who was given a chance. I didn't go with G4S so I don't know how he got on.
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    changes to CRB

    If I may add my tuppence worth? I believe Enhanced CRB checks are taking place since Cameron gave the green light to UK flagged Vsls to have armed guards. Therefore, the companies who bid for such a contract must apply for exemption from sec.5 of the Firearms act (Semi-Auto) and must make the...
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    Can you believe this??

    The report sounds bollocks. There can be no better advertisement for a company to report "pirate attack disrupted, all crew safe, proceeding with transit" Jobzagoodun!
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    Swamping in the wind?

    May I offer some advice, before the wolf-pack gets a sniff of this. Strong shout describing yourself as "fully trained". After over twenty years in Her Majesty's finest I still wouldn't describe myself as such. Additionally, having been on a Nod TT I am of the understanding that after three...
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    Royal Marines Commando Infomation

    Try Wikipedia and punch in Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines
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    Maritime security. Is the Corps facing a crisis?

    Whatsamatta wi you lot? I'm only doing MARSEC to save up for a face-lift then rejoin as a J/Mne and do another 22 for free. Seriously though If MARSEC is the pull, the Corps should ask themselves what is the push?
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    snatch mcewan

    PM me Royal. I've got a locstat for the maggot. Alternatively, try LINKDIN he'll be on that.
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    Miris international ltd

    If you can tolerate the inevitable 'teething problems' inherent of a new company, there is a lot to be said for being around at the birth of a new project. I've always enjoyed the challenges and the excitement involved in drawing on a blank sheet of A4. If there's a warm and fuzzy feeling and...
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    Ex Army Looking For Maritime work

    Why Bootnecks?He who pays the piper calls the tune. The owners of MUSC ex-RM, Solace ex-RM, PVI ex-RM to name a few.Why do they recruit from the same cap-badge? Internal communications, consistency, ease of vetting, good ol' fashioned tribal loyalty. If I was forming my own company I would be...
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    RM looking for advice before making the plunge

    S***loads of work out there at the moment Royal. The companies that the lads have already mentioned are your starting point. PVI are expanding rapidly so with your profile and with SSO, ENG-1, SCTW95, Yellow fever you'll be on the right track. Best of luck and keep tabs on the MARSEC forum.
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    Getting in to Maritime Security advice?

    Better to have the shit and not need it than need the shit and not have it Every man and his dog has the SSO ticket now mate.
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    Ex Army Looking For Maritime work

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does this mean another rant inbound???????????????????????????????????????????????
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    How many of you are making a living out of MARSEC?

    I started with the intention of making a quick killing then mag to grid. I actually see this as a second career now that I've taken a slight diversion from AP. If you can get in with one of the reputable companies you will find there is shed loads of work for the foreseeable future. If the Long...
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    Bootnecks only rant!

    I couldn't help but think of Blackadder's " convincing as a giraffe in dark glasses trying to get into a polar bears only party" or something like that. Blinks me ol' shipmate, I imagine you are still monitoring these means but as you haven't piped up for a while I'll send blind. The answers...
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    Eng1 Med

    I had my ENG-1 at Exeter St Thomas Surgery. The Doctor? If i simply said "Tweed jacket" I think you'll get the picture. Piece of piss, I was in and out in ten minutes
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    Experience and qualifications

    You can get a good tune out of an old fiddle