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    Republic of Ireland ''DS Course''

    Cheers guys. what i needed to hear!!
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    Looking for Close protection training

    Before you look at company's i recommend you read if you haven't all ready
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    cristy Intro

    Hi Cristy, If your looking at the CP industry ''Normad'' Created a great post Explains alot and is a great read
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    Republic of Ireland ''DS Course''

    Looking for a decent training provided in the Republic of Ireland that can offer DS course as i need to reapply for my PSA licence. Best course would be after Christmas and would rather a member here recommend one rather then me just contacting a random company as i have a very bad taste...
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    Walking Dead.

    The Walking Dead Season 4 Comic Con Trailer! [HD] - YouTube Here Ed taught you mite like this.
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    CP industry/training info requested

    I believe a lot of people can relate to that post, so cheers mate
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    Industry Changes????

    Not that i have any great knowledge in this industry, but i learning a lot here and Irish Rookie and all your idea sounds good. At-least this place is offering some type of realistic education to newcomers in the industry i have learn more here then i have studying the security industry in my...
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    Walking Dead.

    I taught the start was good with them all looking tired resorting to cat and dog food lol the dead hot on their tails good start, the ending well they could have done better really the Gov is really one nutter, Spoiler,Spoiler Can some tell me why Ricks group didn't seize the town at the...
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    Gangnam Style :)

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    Red dawn

    Bloody good show, Hopefully season 3 will be made but i heard their was a book to finish the 3rd season
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    Voyage into the past with the Titanic,

    Sinking feeling: unease about Titanic II plan | Irish Examiner. Maiden voyage of the Titanic II will take place sometime in 2016, only differences from the first ship is this one will be manufacturer in China along with some small modernization, it also will still have a 1st 2nd and 3rd class...
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    New and loud (also civillian)

    Welcome mate,
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    N Korea releases attack on US propaganda vid

    Was it not the 10th to remove personal with experts believing an attack following on the 15th the founder of NK birthday.
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    new and no experience!

    Thanks for the insight, ''prove your worth then apply for a supervisory position and then save for a CP course if that's what you want to do''. Just what i was discussing the other day and is the way i am going to go about it. I will in the position soon to really decide on one of the top...
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    Finding Work In CP (UK Market)

    spot on mate, cheers for that
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    General advice for success in life and hints tips for building relationships/network.

    When i was just starting out and lost my career and was finding it all a bit tough to get out of bed in the morning i saw a picture a day on You-tube gods knows how i came across it but anyway i decided to do this everyday it gave me a reason to get up to motivate myself to achieve my 2 year...
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    Security Consultant ????

    But to throw in my answer. I started level 5 Security this year will last till next June, then 2 months off back then to start level 6 for a year then on to college to study level 7 to obtain a degree that would allow me to work in a supervisor role i believe level 7 is two years with a two...
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    Security Consultant ????

    I hate doing this but i really dislike liars, Maybe he got nervous!!.
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    best courses to get CP work

    Their are some small providers that promise to only hire students here in Ireland that i mentioned before like Right Track Security, PBI, Pulse but i could not say if these are good nor bad, As far as i know these are connected to IBA as short is in many of their pictures on their websites...
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    Many, many keys

    As an Irish Man I have seen these Wheelbarrow never knew why Mr Bruke from down the lane was the whole time pushing that dam yoke around. On the other hand could have been just popping over to the local bog to fetch the tea time fire. On a serious note Ireland has come on so much since the...