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    1 x Bootneck MSO required for 20 day transit with possible follow on task

    *Position now closed*
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    1 x Bootneck MSO required for 3 month transit

    Citadel Maritime have 1 MSO space available, this is a 3 month deployment on the same tanker that sails from Madagascar - Fujairah ( you will then disembark to a platform while the vessel loads) - Madagascar and continues this route. It is embarking on around the 22nd July at Madagascar as part...
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    3 month transit beginning 20th july, 1 x Bootneck MSO required

    *position now closed*
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    Anyone using MRSL?

    Maritime Recruitment Solutions Limited(MRSL) have began to Offer employment contracts for 2% per invoice, They are based in the Isle of Man. I currently use GMRS at 2.5% so obviously this is an enticing offer. Is anyone currently using MRSL and what is your experience with them? many thanks
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    Post incident forensics management, where did this come from?

    Can anyone shed any light on why the hell some companies have now started asking for this qual which cost around £350, gives you no authority what so ever and quite frankly would never stand up in any court in the world. I have spoke to two guys who have both done this and say its a complete...
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    ISO 280007 Euro Tactical Firearms and Galahad Associates FPOS(I)

    Credit whet credit is due guys, look forward to seeing you all next year.
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    ISO 280007 Euro Tactical Firearms and Galahad Associates FPOS(I)

    With the new ISO280007 standard soon to be implemented and mandatory by any decent maritime security company. I recently went about researching companies who could provide the best possible training for my hard earned cash. Im glad to say my research was spot on and i wouldn't normally post...
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    Maritime security & claiming seafarers earnings deductions

    Whats you advice on GMRS employment contracts as they only take 2% per invoice, as they as safe as the two companies you have mentioned? many thanks
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    self employed maritime operator out of the UK for 6 months

    Ive have a mate who is doing this through his accountant and havent had time to clarify with any other accountants yet. Basically instead of claiming SED and being employed by companies such EC, GMRS who will employ you and then charge a percentage of each invoice, he is setting up as self...
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    changes to CRB

    thanks all seems it is just the companies way of thinnning blokes out.
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    Hi he was working for PVI, he had a six month ban for speeding 3 years ago, seems like its...

    Hi he was working for PVI, he had a six month ban for speeding 3 years ago, seems like its just their way of thinnning blokes out as the company is now majory over subscribed with operators.
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    changes to CRB

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone else has heard of the new change in what is classed as a clean CRB. A mate of mine has just been told he can no longer get on transits as his minor driving offence that was on his CRB is now being classed by the shipping companies as no longer acceptable...
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    thanks very much for sending the list, great help. kev

    thanks very much for sending the list, great help. kev
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    Forum Upgrade - help us find the bugs!

    "cannot display this page" appears when clicking on: my profile and also when clicking on my username. -Partially FIXED
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    accident and life insurance

    hi james unfortunatly i am unable to make the event as im on PDT, do you have a link to your companies website, ive just quickly googled it and cant for sum reason find it. thanks for the tip about employers offering insurance before deploying. kev
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    accident and life insurance

    thanks nash ive followed the link and had a look at the policy terms and conitions, it states no payment in incidents involving war or terrorism? im trying to think worst case scenarieo ie killed from and IED/Gunshot in iraq/afghan or similar out on the seas doing maratime security. by...
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    Enhanced learning credits

    just to let you know ronin SA are still on the list of providers (search for close protection in the job description tab on the ELCAS website in the list of providers section), you get £1000 to use on 3 seperate financial years up to 10 years from TX'ing if you served less than 8 years, and...
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    accident and life insurance

    could anyone in the industry please reccommend any companies (if there is any) that specialise in accident or life insurance for personnel in the security industry? i currently use PAX as im still serving but im trying to get a heads up if there is any for civies in the security wourld. many...
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    top providers

    thanks very much jon