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    Kim Jong Un dodges Grim Reaper

    Home - BBC News It's too bad they missed.
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    It's Getting NASTY Out There In the World Of Refugees

    Meanwhile On The "Apocalyptic" Northern Greek Border... | Zero Hedge I'm willing to guess that there are people on this forum who might have some firsthand knowledge of some of this nastiness. It will probably get a lot worse. KL
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    Britain has No Airplanes that can hunt Subs?

    Is this report actually correct? The UK does not have aircraft that can hunt submarines? None at all?? KL
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    BIN LADEN'S Killed at Blackbushe Airport

    UK police confirm 3 bin Ladens killed in England plane crash - Yahoo News A piece of news that's bound to create a 1000 conspiracy stories. Who knows, some of them could be correct.
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    FROM USA - Hostage Strategy Ignored to Free Captives

    The testimony by Lt-Col Amerine is getting a lot of airplay in the USA. A lot of people are wondering why Amerine's plan was not put into action - given that the USA is holding the Afghan drug lord. Or failing this option, why wasn't the drug lord sent to Canada, allowing that country to run...
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    French Welder to be Shot In Indonesia

    If the story is right then Atlaoui, the French welder, is really getting the shaft here. Of course, you can never be sure about the full details in a news story. But it looks like the Indonesian police are BIG on getting convictions, and LOW on catching the right suspects. It doesn't...
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    IS Fighters Doped on Zolam?

    Apparently IS is stuffing Zolam into some of their recruits ... esp. new ones who have no experience. 15-year-old ISIS fighter describes atrocities - CBS News KL
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    Abduction in Mexico

    VIDEO of a kidnapping. This is a kidnapping of a high-ranking politician, Gomez Michel, in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. Michel was driving with his personal assistant in a black SUV to the local airport. In the video below, the "target vehicle" with Michel onboard is a black SUV in the fast...
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    Haines Gone

    My prayers for his family - and condolences to those who knew him. It seemed like he was a good fellow ... trying in his own way to make a positive difference in the world. It's possible someone on this forum knew him personally. Unfortunately, it seems he let himself get too isolated out...
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    One More Domino

    Pretty strong words from the Saudi's. I cannot honestly ever recall them making such a blunt statement. Saudi ready to act alone on Iran, Syria: ambassador It's been amazing to see the ME remain (relatively) stable, considering the nucelar development in Iran, the enormous mess in Syria, and...
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    Would You Wear A Ghillie To A Bank???

    No really, I'm not joking. Check the pix out below. Click on the lower photo's in the article to see coverage of the SWAT response to this bank robbery in Florida. TD Bank robbery investigated in North Palm Beach I guess the North Palm Beach crew needed to air out their Ghillie sniper kit...
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    ANOTHER Kidnapping - Train Harder Guys

    OK ... how did you do with the Venezuela kidnap that I posted? Think you could handle that one? Let's ramp up the severity of the incident. Here is a recent kidnap from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. At the start of the incident, notice that two vehicles are parked strangely on the street...
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    Kidnapping in Venezuela - WAKE UP!

    YouTube video of a kidnapping in Venezuela in 2012. Target vehicle arrives around 36-38 secs in the video. Kidnappers ... shortly thereafter. efficient criminal action. the driver of that targeted vehicle should have drunk more coffee. they had an escape route. if they'd swung over hard to...
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    Does Snowden Have YOUR CV?

    Spies worry over "doomsday" cache stashed by ex-NSA contractor Snowden - Yahoo Finance KL
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    Kids On The Target List

    BBC News - Syria conflict: Children 'targeted by snipers' setting a new sub-standard level for the world. and apparently nothing to stop them. we seem to live in a world with "unfettered barbarism" these days. KL
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    Worked in Nuclear Power Industry - FAILED at Armed Robbery

    Interesting real-life crime ... gone bust. Nuclear power plant worker mastermind of Ben Affleck movie-inspired crime, authorities say I guess if you've got a job running a nuclear reactor - don't quit your day job. The night job might kill you, or get you arrested :-) Hahahahaha! KL
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    61500 Pounds of Explosives on Truck

    In Afghanistan - 61,500 lb of explosives on truck. This one was meant to make a big hole. 'Block-Buster' Truck Bomb One of the Biggest Ever KL
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    Pussy Riot Rescue Group

    Alright lads - who's ready to get her out? She doesn't look like the type who could last a week in Siberia. Pussy Riot Member Sent to New Prison in Russia After Hunger Strike | I say we steal an icebreaker and a dozen snowmobiles. By the time Putin notices - the job will be...
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    Former British Officer Killed in Kenya

    Ex-British officer dies in home robbery in Kenya - World news Laikipia is an outlying area in Kenya about 75-80 miles north of Nairobi. This looks like a typical armed home invasion. all too common and deadly these days - a real shame. it's tragic that a good man has to die for the sake of...
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    Your Daily Weevils - Eat Up!

    ahhh - the joys of prison life in Zimbabwe. how on earth can they make the prison food worse - have they lost their minds? the next step down from "advanced malnutrition" is ..... ??? Zimbabwe Inmates Cheer for Rotten Bread (Page 1 of 3) KL