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    Advice needed after theft from bar

    Is it the doorman’s fault? Not having seen the SOP or any local instructions and assuming that the security may look after the safety of the people and assets of the premises Yes, could be responsible for the theft. Is it the bar’s fault as there was no barman when there are people in the...
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    SICUR 2018 Spanish security convention

    If you are interested in attending and having some tapas in Madrid here you have the info... Have to say that 90% is work satefy and the rest IT safety and some physical safety and providers including the main companies, but it would be really funny to have a bunch of english tourists...
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    SSG CCTV training Stay away and don't even touch with a 6 feet pole. Enrolled and paid in advance by card last 20/01/2018 for a course starting today (15 days in advance) Got the auto-messages confirming the "buy" and the charge the same day, second later. No more news...
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    Level 4 Managing Surveillance Operations Course

    Mainly it is because after a production is over you do not usually need the contacts any more (from the point of view of them) to pester you with pending invoices or or or... You just keep the contact details in case you happen to need them again but you are not interested on following them in...
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    Letter of no objection from GP

    Adding to this most useful list, just for price comparison, my GP (yes, he is in the list) asks for: 80 for the single ENG1 110 for offshore workers
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    city and guilds Weapons Blue Card accreditation

    Ruger, sorry to miss it, my experience with ruger pistols ( ruger mark I, to IV) is nice up to the version changing the handle to resemble more a 1911 and do not like it at all. For carbines the 10/22 is world famous and you have body kits to make it look as any rifle, again tubs up for them...
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    city and guilds Weapons Blue Card accreditation Nah, you can get to terrorize so many, but can´t call you terrorist ;) As far as I got on firmed the NI is the only area in Uk were there is the chance to...
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    A question regarding the law

    1 previously banned from the site, trying to break in, OFENCE 2 Assaulting a SO, OFENCE As soon as the shoplifter assaults you and you are defending yourself and as long as each and every action you had to take was just with the intent to protect your personal integrity and minimize the chance...
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    What Are You Reading?

    New job but still reading, as the last couple have been quite hard decided to go for a little humor. "FOBBIT" by David Abrams 369 of somewhat laced stories out of real events but with plausible deniability. tells the heroic stances of what you call "Rear Echelon..." living inside a FOB...
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    Letter of no objection from GP

    ENG1: contact you local sea cadets and they will be able to help you, the port authorities usually have no clue about but as the cadets train for boats(adults and kids) and the like usually have a "preferred" doctor to go to.
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    Reverse Mobile Number Tracing

    Reading the description of their services has not helped me to clarify my feelings. The company may easily just get the data from the contracted numbers with info from the provider, companies usually have a duty to make public the numbers they are using kind of "find with company is the service...
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    Reverse Mobile Number Tracing

    It is supposed that the "metadata" collected could help you to to so. Every time a phone connects to any station it sends a message "hello, this is number XXXXX trying to log on any net, any chance?". Then the station checks number XXX with it´s operator and accepts or not the connection and...
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    Brexit Bill !!

    Change the bear for the lion or even a wild boar and have the same, got the old adage, also having read some books by Bernard Cornwell I am familiar with it.
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    Brexit Bill !!

    From last to first: Premier: close, it is a nice guess the qwerty affair but no, we use PS and PD and felt that PD was more suitable because after trying to explain how I got my uni degree some years ago, after all that time, and with the kind opinion colonel has developed of me, it is worth...
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    Brexit Bill !!

    You are wrong in so many aspects... but will light one or two for you: Hope, yes, there is hope for you. About how I speak (let us say, type) I am afraid that the Cambridge University considers me at uni level, with a fantastic exam paper saying so, C1 level for the Council of Europe level...
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    You're going to laugh . . . but I need some info for a Dungeons & Dragons game.

    Is it any LARP or just board D&D? Just as a default any D&D character will have knives swords or be a magician so, count with everyone you encounter being armed, such as your group unless clerics that may use wooden shafts. The main danger is a arrow/ poisoned dart on the road, assassins...
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    Brexit Bill !! Just in case decided not to use our official sources that may be biased... If you select the Y10 the diagram shows you the evolution for the last 10 years ;) and will understand how since the "brick bubble bursting" (2008) started to rise...
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    Brexit Bill !!

    After our own Civil war Spain had the chance to join the axis (Endaya interview with Franco and Hitler) and it is said that Franco asked the impossible to be able to avoid joining his (nevertheless) ideologically allies. It is said that Franco requested plenty of german aid to rebuild Spain...
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    Brexit Bill !!

    And that is why I linked a British history web to show the historical truth, not "my" or "your" but the facts. By the WWI or WWII the EU was not even born, therefore, how can you blame/pay the brexit bill with these facts? Neither the participation of UK in WWI or WWII was any favor to any...
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    Betting with my career?

    Thanks to all of you, The decision was made easier and last Thursday left the chance go, FOR GOOD I will not be getting the post in question (by some astral coincidence was almost tailored for me, that is why the urge was, not easy to find a ME easily, but lacked other things). Nevertheless by...