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    SIA Close Protection Trainers and Door Supervisor Trainers Needed

    SIA Close Protection Trainers and Door Supervisor Trainers Needed. Must have PTLLS, SIA license, PI instructor, First Aid would be useful. Tutors needed in the north west, north east, west midlands and east midlands Contact
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    Is there one Martial Arts that is for Security

    What ever works for you. Everyone is different. You just have to find what works best for you. Everyone will tell you that theres is the best. You only know it works when your winning fights. 3 moves is all you need to start and practice them day in day out. Train Hard Fight Easy fittest man wins
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    i am appauled

    TPs don't give a shit they just want money I've work for many over the years. And it's the SIA that have made it easier for the TPs to just take money off people. These days Fat people can turn up sit down not move for 14 days do a test (its hardly an exam) and get a license to be a cp officer...
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    close protection jobs in Uk

    God loves a trier
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    A Walt?

    This guy may or may not be what he says he may even be a great guy but he messed it up by writing that shit. He is still in and thinks he can give us advice on close protection just another milatary guy that don't know shit. Happy times
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    close protection jobs in Uk

    As I feel like I'm one of your agents promoting your book on my courses I'm still waiting for the free copy in the post Waiting in anticipation James
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    Is there a need for physical training and unarmed combat on a CP course?

    I agree with the above apart from the ad at the end. I tell the fat people on my courses that they need to get fit they always come up with some rubbish about there size then I stand a fat person up and a fit person and say to the group you have £300 a day to spend do you pick the fit cp...
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    close protection jobs in Uk

    Rich Rich Rich that's a bit of a low blow anything to get a sale hahaha (I'm not saying its not true but come on)
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    my membership to CPW

    It's probably best your only get ripped every time you come on here I'd go into children's fantasy books if I was you Dick Head
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    DIY cool hand

    WOW this sounds fantastic I used to do things like this to when I was 10 and I think it's great that you get a load of printers to go over the paper work rather than solicitors ill try that with my company thanks for that great idea. As for getting kit from Pakistan again I get my kit in less...
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    Why cp!!!!

    This topic does piss me off people thinking they can just do a 2 or 3 week course and then become the BG for the US president. I always say to the students have a look around at the other people in this room one of them I will pay £300 a day to look after me who in the room are you going to...
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    Why cp!!!!

    It's amazing the harder I work the luckier I get WOW I wasn't in the military (well that's a lie think I lasted a week they didn't see things my way. There loss) I don't know why people think the military is the be all in this game I've worked with dick heads from both sides unless your job in...
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    Think we all know a company off the m54 that does this
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    I would say only 10% of people I know and have met tell the truth which amazes me because I only have to talk to them for 10 min and I have worked them out. The reason they get away with it is people don't check them out properly if they did people wouldn't do it. So it's not just the person who...
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    Why is it soooo hard???

    The trouble is people phone the TP and they talk them in to a course and that's all the research they do. People think just because they have been in the military they are made for CP it's a different role altogether. My advice become a plumber electrician something along those lines good money...
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    How important is your choice of training provider?

    The days of a good TP have gone I wouldn't employ anyone anymore on the course that they have taken. I have worked with people that have no SIA cp and do a much better job. You have to look at what makes you better than the next man/women because all you will have at the end of the day is an SIA...
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    Website Jobs

    Rome wasn't built in a day. Just keep sending your cv out. January is always slow for security but send your cv out now ready for February and if you can do some more courses in your spare time while you wait for the rush this will make you more employable. Good luck
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    Close Protection Future Regulation and Standards

    The SIA destroyed the close protection industry in the UK that's all I have to say.
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    Olympic security failure

    Good afternoon people I worked at the Olympics for two years I was being paid to advise I would have meetings two or three times a week the heads would sit there take in everything that should be happening and then do nothing about it. If the public new about this nobody would of gone to the...