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  1. Customloads

    Dog Handler Vacancies

    I have a buddy who just got out and is setting up as a handler, can anyone suggest any current resources or tips in general for someone new to the sector. Cheers CL
  2. Customloads

    Dog trainer i n Hampshire UK?

    Can anyone recommend a trainer in the Southampton/Pompey area?
  3. Customloads

    DfT Approved Avsec Company Required

    Looking for a company to work with in putting together a bid for a 5-year contract to provide avsec at two small/medium airports, including baggage scanning as well as pax screening.
  4. Customloads

    Firearms Training Equipment Franchise Available

    (I was going to put this in the Offers forum but not sure those members with an interest in Firearms Training would look in their, but there is a deal available to regular contributors to CPW.) Sentinel Shield have franchises available for countries and regions in most of the world. A...
  5. Customloads

    DSEI Sept 15-18 2015

    Counterforceslt and I will be exhibiting at DSEI this year on the Sentinel Shield stand, if you are visiting please stop by stand N7-385 and say hi! DSEI 2015 "DSEI, the world leading defence and security exhibition, look forward to welcoming over 30,000 attendees. DSEI Isle photograph. "The...
  6. Customloads

    Extended Casualty Care

    This is the perfect addition to the industry standard 3-day First Aid qualification, ECC covers monitoring and treating a casualty when help is not immediately available. Includes taking, recording and reporting vital signs. Enhanced therapy including medicines not covered in First Aid topics...
  7. Customloads

    Damning report for ATLS

    ATLS: Archaic Trauma Life Support? - Wiles - 2015 - Anaesthesia - Wiley Online Library Outdated, over priced and far too simplistic for clinicians dealing with trauma on a regular basis...
  8. Customloads

    MoD Rangemaster

    Looking for a MoD Rangemaster or the equivalent, realise this is an outmoded title but need someone who fits a very specific bill.
  9. Customloads

    Burner Phones

    Is there a legitimate use for disposable phones with no registered user? Over the years I have supplied a few, usually set up to that they will roam over all of the UK networks to ensure the best possible signal in remote areas.
  10. Customloads

    Too clever for me

    A Bhuddist goes to buy a hotdog, he asks the guy "Make me one with everything?". The hotdog seller makes him a fine hotdog, with all the trimmings and extra onions. The Bhuddist smiles and hands over 20 quid, the seller pockets the note and smiles back. "Where is the change?..." asks the...
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    Level 3 Award in First Aid, scenario based training

    Q. Which company are you from? A. Sentinel Shield Q. What is the offer? (please give as much detail as possible) A. Discount on our scenario based level 3 first aid award Q. What is the offer expiry date? A. 30th June 2015 Q. How do our members take up the offer? A. Contact forum...
  12. Customloads

    Hatton Garden Heist

    Hatton Garden robbery: Everything we know about daring central London raid - Mirror Online The Mirror have posted CCTV footage of the robbers, ex-Flying Squad guys are coming out of the woodwork to say what a balls up the Police have made of it so far - which in itself is unusual. I prefer...
  13. Customloads

    UN Ban on Firearms

    Due to come in this Christmas, does anyone have any hard info on it?
  14. Customloads

    Firearms awareness courses, any value?

    I was chatting to another instructor yesterday and he was saying he did a spate of firearms awareness courses a few months back, but that interest has dropped off. What is the forum's view on these? Are they valuable for professions who might encounter weapons?
  15. Customloads

    Another Negligent Discharge by Police

    This time in Nottingham. A large group of young kids were being shown around the Nottingham Police facility, after having won a national colouring competition. One of the firearms officers discharged an automatic weapon (I guess a 9mm MP5), the round struck the floor and the brass caused a...
  16. Customloads

    Raising Standards (again)

    We all post about this on a regular basis, even to the extent that a few years ago a few of us went so far as to put a company together with the sole aim of improving the training and recruiting options within the industry. Alas momentum has ground to a halt, but I want people to join me and...
  17. Customloads

    Wanted - business partners for hazardous materials courier company

    I am looking to expand my business carrying firearms (up to and including section 5), ammunition, collectible arms, pyrotechnics and other hazardous goods to cover the whole of the British Isles. So would be interested in hearing from you if you are experienced in this area and qualified for...
  18. Customloads

    Armed teacher shoots toilet and suffers leg injuries...

    BBC News - Utah teacher wounded when gun discharges in toilet "A teacher in the US state of Utah who was legally carrying a gun in her primary school was seriously injured when it accidentally discharged, police have said. The incident happened in a staff toilet before classes started and...
  19. Customloads

    EMT Training Provider in the South of UK?

    Can anyone recommend an EMT course, ideally around Southampton but anywhere down sarf would be good. Asking for a friend who does not want to travel oversees as I do.
  20. Customloads

    RFID Chips in car tyres

    Just reading up on some of the tips for tracking vehicles, had no idea that vehicle tyres have RFID chips embedded in them (to aid manufacturers track problems). These chips can be read as the vehicle passes by.