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    Looking for info on TCS

    Hello all I am looking for info on a company by the name of TSC if you know them you will know the name. does any one know of them or been contacted by them I have heared from one person that they are just CV hunting just asking around ? thanks for all Help wolfen
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    Kill a walt day!

    I am in and I know of a few targets we need there
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    Street Survival CQC on Youtube

    I most say he did not control the knife at all but the rest was ok there are a few good moves in it. good luck to him
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    Special Operations Task Force

    It looks good best of luck to them!!! Wolfen
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    Bouncer sentenced to four years in prison for paralysing student ...

    just another monkey in a suit as we all have seen to many time's
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    Maritime security companies

    Brother If they want it just ask for it but they had the headsup bigboys rule is all I will say
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    Maritime security companies

    Brothers I would not be a Brother if I did not let you know. Stay away for Any Company that deals with a Dale Kneeland in the Company or K & M Global Security Solutions, ISSA Sea marshals, or Kneeland Conculting. Frist off he will F*&k you over(will not pay, the Kit is shit, and he is a...
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    Asis psp

    All brother the test is a mother ****er
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    Serbain cell number

    Thanks DanD why didnt I think about that. You are a very big help!
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    PSD killed in Iraq

    Rest in peace
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    Serbain cell number

    I am looking for just the name of the person whos number I have
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    Serbain cell number

    Hello Brothers I am looking for info on a Serbain Cell number can any one help wolfen
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    Is this the same girl?

    I would have to say that they are not the same girl. but they are very close but still not the same, but to know 100 % DNA whould have to be done. Yes hair,Nose and weight can all be redone at some cost, but it is not the same girl I wish it was for the family
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    Do you know this Company?

    Hello brothers I am looking for feedback on a company by the name of SIRAS GROUP and/or SIRAS Academy. Thanks for any and all help Wolfen
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    LOL I love it YES both times I went to Kosovo it was a shit hole
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    Is there one Martial Arts that is for Security

    Thank you all for the Info I was asking to find out what people feel. does any one know of a Still called Realnog Aikidoa.
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    Sea Marshal Work

    hay guys you want to know the real funny part about this guy when the mission is done he does not pay I know a few guys that worked for him and they still have not got paid He IS A Frist CLASS BF If you need more info then that what can I say
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    Is there one Martial Arts that is for Security

    I am looking for the best Martial Arts for security
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    Truly an idiot

    lost in space