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    Walt hunting for beginners

    Guys (and gals) I'm after advice. I've come across someone at work who isn't quite right. He's not claiming to be an underwater knife fighting specialist or anything but I'm sure he's telling porkies about his military service. I don't have much to go on, just a name and a Corps; and dont...
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    Security v's Intruders "Human Rights"

    Any big brained legal eagles out there help? We're having a debate at work as to whether or not you can legally padlock a fire door from the inside when you lock up for the night. I say yes as if the only person endangered is an intruder they shouldn't be there. Others say no as they still...
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    Service Number

    Just a quick query hopefully someone can answer. A mate asked me how she can find out her service number from when she was in the TA. Now I reckon i'll remember mine til the day I die even when alzheimers sets in, but she doesn't. She was a captain in a Fd Hospital. She's tried the Gazette...
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    Sweet ride!!!

    Alas the original ad has now been pulled from ebay, but follow the link for a copy of possibly the best car ad ever! 2005 RENAULT CLIO DYNAMIQUE 16V BLUE on eBay (end time 23-Mar-10 15:10:07 GMT)
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    Personal mic/recording equipment

    One for all you snoops out there. I'm looking to pick your collective brain. I'm looking for a recording system to mic up my doormen. The system isn't for evidence gathering, it's for statistical analysys (how many times a night you get a death threat, chatted up etc) and for use as a teaching...
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    Clubber Fined For Bouncer Scuffle

    Had a look but couldn't see this posted anywhere else on the site. If it is already, apologies. Clubber Fined For Bouncer Scuffle Date: Friday, January 08, 2010 Source: Evening Telegraph A man was ordered to pay £1,500 compensation to a Peterborough bouncer after he caused him to...
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    Pregnant Door Sup - MUST be employed allegedly

    A friend who runs a door company has a female door sup who is pregnant. The agreement was D/S would quit after 12 weeks as it was felt by all not to be safe for her, the foetus, her colleagues or the customers. (This doesn't take into account the risks to foetus upto 12 week point - that's...
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    No more flat batteries.....?

    Take a look at the link below. I see this as having potential for anyone on ops - never forget your charger again. What do you think?
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    Girl, 10, tazed by police!!!

    Anyone else seen this? Beats the crap out of the naughty step! :D
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    G4S Recruitment

    I'm looking for some info from anyone who has supervisor/management/HR experience with G4S. I'm going through the application process and could do with some advice, not wanting to put specifics on here. Anyone think they can help please PM. Many thanks in advance.
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    CRG recruitment

    Can anyone advise? A mate has recently got out after 10 yrs as a para and done a CP course (with whom I can't remember). He is doing all the usual cv's, phone calls, mates on the circut etc but still struggling for a contract - I know, the market's flooded at the moment. He recently had an...
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    Yet another email scam.....

    Dear Sir/Madam, I'm C. Kangaski, a member of Snps Ltd. a pro-financial company based in Japan. and I am contacting you because we are now in need of a Payment Representative in the United States and United kingdom.If you choose to join Snps as a representative, your basic task will consist of...
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    Hotel Security London

    I am NOT the POC for this - just thought it might be useful for someone. Only posted 2 hours ago! Security Officer-InterContinental London Park Lane - Good luck. :D
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    The perfect covering letter

    This is what I received in response to a job for a SECURITY GUARD I advertised........ good morning sir/madam. I came to know by your advertisement,you have vacancies for door superviser.I wana apply for one of these. :eek: Also this one I WANT TO APLY FOR THE JOB...
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    What happens when Rule #1 is ignored!

    Not for the squeamish. RULE #1: Always handle a firearm as if loaded and always point it in a safe direction. Here is one reason to follow RULE #1:
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    URGENT - Security Officer Immediate Start

    Bristol Area - Full time position 40 hours per week. Duties include reception cover and lockdown. SIA licence essential - there is no time for training. Own transport required. This is a front of house role for a corporate client. Bearing, turnout and customer service MUST be of the...
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    253 RMP Southampton

    Right I'm gonna be brave here and stick my neck out. I'm looking at the possibility of applying to 253 as after 12 years military and now 3 years as a civvy I think I'd rather be both! Back in full time is not an option and after the last 5 years (2 yrs part time) in security I think it might...
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    Granny gets TAZERED!!!

    This must definitely be up there with the Guilford four as baaaad police decisions!!! Granny gets tasered - News - Virgin Media
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    Good Luck,Godspeed and stay safe!

    Just a quickie to say ta ra to a mate off th Afghan tomorrow. Dinger97 (on here) look after yourself bud, 9 weeks and the beers are on me.
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    Lone Worker Risk Assessment

    Can anyone point the way on this? I have to do a Risk assessment for a lone security officer on a commercial office site and am finding it a bit of a balls ache to be honest! Obviously without visiting the site no-one can do this but if anyone out there has a generic template for me to use or...