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    What am I doing wrong?

    I dont understand? Since the upgrade from the old to the new the last msg i can see is 2018? is everyone gone?
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    Stop breaking shit CPW.

    CPW - I'm always behind the scenes and apologise for posting this but really what the fuk? What are you playing at? The site's messed up. Having said that, I need a UKinfo check done. PM me if you can do it, I just need confirmation. Col
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    I replied to you before but I now regret that post, do you intend on spamming this whole forum? Piss up a rope buddy. Regards Col
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    Join the Police?

    Well you can't ... The term "protected characteristics" has been kicking about for a while but seriously ...... This is above and beyond. Police condemned for advertising day for non-white men | Daily Mail Online Sad. Col
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    I'm officially a crim.

    Answered the door last week to be handed a court summons, I bought a car on 24/05/17 and apparently I was flashed by a tax camera on the 30th, hands up I thought I'd tax it at the beginning of the next month, anyway as you may or may not know I'm going through a law degree at the moment, one of...
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    Here's a superb one, A Bar Opened Opposite a Church!!! The Church Prayed Daily against the bar business. Days later the bar was struck by lightning & caught fire which destroyed it. Bar Owner Sued the Church Authorities for the cause of its destruction, as it was an action because...
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    First gen lawyers of poor background have become judges too

    Well done India. This is just interesting reading... First gen lawyers of poor background have become judges too:SC By PTI | Published: 27th October 2017 05:47 PM | Last Updated: 27th October 2017 06:15 PM | A+A A- | New Delhi, Oct 27 (PTI) The Supreme Court today...
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    Frampton fight's postponed

    Well he was overweight anyway but it's disappointing. Showers are dangerous things. Anyway, on that topic we have Mayweather vs McGregor coming up on the 26th August. I have a notion Conor will win but get disqualified for a cheeky knee or kick, I'm not a betting man but I might put a...
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    Just off the phone, I just wondered if my STCW was still in force, I did it in 1990. Apparently all's good, I just need a safety course but my sea survival, first aid and firefighting are still valid and, this is the good bit - I can do a refresher for no charge on those 3. It's nice to see a...
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    Rant, need to get this off my chest.

    I don't know if I have been living in a different country since Christmas but does hardly anyone really know why Stormont fell? For weeks now I have heard all about RHI and the outpouring of righteous indignation emanating from Sinn Fein. .... and Stephen Nolan. Was that really what caused...
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    HE Environment advice

    As most of you know me I need some advice, I'm entering a hostile environment in Novemember, I'm getting married! Any N.Ireland members from here are invited and premier you are all invited..... Risk assessment done and prepared for incoming. ;)
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    Own up

    Who was it? I was driving up the M2 to belfast 2wks ago, Range rover up my arse in my rearview mirror, I jokingly said to my fiance that that's a security detail, next thing it overtook, 1st car range rover, middle one M5 and 3rd range rover again, I then realised it really was... Cmon guys if...
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    Sorry to ask but I'm looking an address. any help would be appreciated.
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    Quick question

    Wee quick question here, I'm close to retirement anyway but hopefully someone here will know the answer seeing the infamous SIA don't answer their phones anymore.... The question is, my license is up for renewal shortly, SIA will still keep the £220 granted or refused as we all know. I...
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    Renew licence

    Quick question. My license is up for renewal in June. .. can I just pay it now as I'm coming into some money this week? Or do I have to wait? I know I should ask them but it's just a simple yes or no I'm after not a long telephone call to them. Thanks
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    Shaved my head so I must look like some kind of bad effer, went to Tesco last week, second Isle up and they had slow cookers on offer. This was at 11am, didn't buy one because I wanted to check with the missus, anyway noticed the security guard peeping around the corner. Came back with the...
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    B specials

    We are doing an exhibition of B special stuff at the moment, if you're close to N.Ireland PM me and I'll point you in the direction. We have mannequinns wearing uniforms from the 1920s. I had to think how much history they have seen.
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    So I read a post about how it's done

    I read so many posts about people who have done their training and think 4 days at ds or 3wks at cp will sort you out for life. I'm sorry to burst your bubble. No it won't. I'm retired after a long career in security. I liked my training but it came over a lot of years. So the next person...
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    Not often....

    Not often I'm serous on here but this time I am. I do run a security company and have done for yrs and a couple of fellas let me down over the twelfth . Not cool. I won't name and shame but just not cool.
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    Ear buds

    Probably a noob query but can someone send me a link for covert ear buds. Just the wee earpiece that goes on the acoustic tube. I want to buy ten or twenty of them. Can't seem to find them on ebay. Thanks in advance. Col.