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    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm raging at that guy, I stand in the octagon, Im far from a troll. He's got me in a bad mood.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    What's your hardon with me buddy? Feel free to fuck off or if you like I can help you you with that. I don't appreciate being called a troll by someone like you, PM me.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    You want a clash? No need for calling me a troll online. PM me
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    Keep trying, (I hate bad spelling)

    Keep trying, (I hate bad spelling)
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    What am I doing wrong?

    I dont understand? Since the upgrade from the old to the new the last msg i can see is 2018? is everyone gone?
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    First Ever Shift - Got Shafted

    Someone farted and he ran away.
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    Looking for career advice.

    You have been busy, I am sure doors will open for you.
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    New Look CPW

    @Mally Im sorry buddy but I'm not getting on with this new layout at all, possibly it's just me but it's just changed too much too quick. I much prefer the last layout.
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    First Ever Shift - Got Shafted

    First of all welcome to the forum m8, it's good to have new blood. Secondly - as protectasia has pointed out, 28 days is a reasonable time, there's no point panicking a few days later. I personally would hold back the reigns a bit. Just for your own benefit, this could be a nice little Wed...
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    Security cover for RST

    Premier said it more politely than I would have, My answer would have began with eff and ended in off - ops1, this could be a job for someones first, would you work with them?
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    Work or volunteering withing protection, tips?

    You could try being vegan and flying drones over Gatwick... Just a thought. I hate vegans lol
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    Good little torch at a decent price

    OK? I guess, - thanks for sharing etc etc, Fuk me lol, do you want my recipe for mince pies? I bought a torch once, I'll see if I can find the receipt. Out of all the people who have read this post, how many do you think will purchase the same torch as you. Why do you think your post is...
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    New Look CPW

    I must agree with you. Although it works I must say the old black background was better.
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    Stop breaking shit CPW.

    CPW - I'm always behind the scenes and apologise for posting this but really what the fuk? What are you playing at? The site's messed up. Having said that, I need a UKinfo check done. PM me if you can do it, I just need confirmation. Col
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    New Look CPW

    Yep it works
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    New Look CPW

    hello - edited to say hello again.
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    An update please

    It's good to see you back CD.. Missed you. Same old same old here, a lot of networking goin' on through PM. Now we just need to have Oddjob back.. C
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    T/L CPO

    "This job posting is no longer available on HSBC. " Maybe next time state why you are sharing said link and why you feel the need to make us aware of it.