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    Requirement for DS Mayfair Area Central London

    I have various work for DS staff in the Mayfair area with potential for a permanent position. The candidate must have good communication skills and be presentable with a checkable history. The current rate is £10phr with 12hr shifts with overtime and Sunday rates paid at a higher rate.
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    Gents, Am new to being self employed and have been asked to submit an invoice for work I've done. Can anyone help me out with a invoice template? I've had a look on the net but can't find anything appropriate Thanks
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    Courses and companies

    Gents, I'm just getting started with research into the different companies offering Hostile environment CP courses. One which stands out is Ronin which has been recommended on the site and by one friend. He has also mentioned CRG who also employ. I've seen some good and bad reviews on this...
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    Seminars Essex/London area

    Gents, Does anyone know of any Seminars taking place in London or Essex within the next month or so. Am looking into CP courses and employment, although it's great getting info over the site don't think you can beat a face to face. Cheers Will
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    Bigwub Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Investigations, Close protection and Maritime Q. Do you represent a company, if so whats the company name and your role? A. Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. employment, networking and advise Q. Tell our...