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    Man Hires ex Special Forces to get his daughter back

    Cyprus man tells how soldier recovered daughter when ex-wife took her to Poland | Daily Mail Online One you start reading it transpires there was only 1 person and it was the father that snatched the kid back with his ‘special forces†employee as the muscle. Anyone been involved or...
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    Mark Duggan Killed lawfully

    At last a common sense decision. Moral of the story don't get involved in crime and carry loaded firearms then you wont get shot simples
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    Sky Angels International

    I cant reply to the original thread which was on the recruitment section but after looking at the company mentioned does this face look familiar or are my eyes starting to go.
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    Check this nugget out

    Walter Mitty Alan Clayton's lies - Daily Record
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    Doorman asking for photo ID

    Chuffed to bits when trying to get into Walkabout (Shepherds Bush) when the door man asked me for ID even though I'm rapidly approaching the big 40. Produced my CP SIA licence to which matey boy says "Nope I need something which shows your date of birth on it" 'Mate you need to be over 18 to...
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    London lawyer in Glasgow

    A London lawyer runs a stop sign and gets pulled over by a Glasgow copper. He thinks that he is smarter than the cop because he is a lawyer from LONDON and is certain that he has a better education than any Jock cop. He decides to prove this to himself and have some fun at the Glasgow cops...
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    Few articles on Molly Prince and her company CPUK not good... Molly Prince, the boss whose company told unpaid Jubilee stewards to sleep under London Bridge | Politicus - Connecting People with Politics Criminal past and rich tastes of Molly Prince, boss at centre of jubilee security row...
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    Unlicensed Security Director Fined 14K

    Unlicensed security director set to pay £14,000 following SIA investigation - SMT Online - Security industry news and information
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    Alex Salmond and Independence

    What is it with this tosser who's determined to break up the UK by thinkingScotland will vote to be independent from the rest of the UK He's trying to stack the odds in his favour by holding the vote in 2014, the700th anniversary of Bannockburn, also the same year the Scotland hosts...
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    Companies trying for business in Lybia

    Taken from Malta today looks like the NTC dont want post conflict Lybia to turn into another Afghan/Iraq UK oil firm Heritage Oil is reportedly engaged in backroom dealings in Libya, not for oil but for security contracts around installations, which have however been rejected by the NTC...
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    Removing Details from

    Having had a BT landline installed at my home address and requesting that my number be ex directory I was rather peeved off to find it listed on Best thing about it BT hadn't even sent a welcome pack informing me of my new number but it was on within days. I need to go through...
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    Survelliance Scotland

    I cant reply to Horizons post about the mystery shopper in Scotland If you click on the clink for the job and have a read through the advert my Spidey Senses are telling me some pesky Nigerian is behind this, stay clear... "We currently have a vacancies throughout the majority of Scotland so...
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    Mark Wright Centre

    If anyone feels like donating to keep the running of the centre set up in memory of Mark Wright GC then please visit At one stage his parents Bob and Jem were considering auctioning off their sons medals to keep the centre open lets hope it doesnt...
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    Last POW Survivor of Stalag Luft Dies (Great Escape Camp)
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    FCO/DFID/MOD Looking to fill their database

    The UK goverment looking to fill their database with a number of experienced people for specific roles. Scroll down on the home page to how to apply.You will have to fill out a form and email it into them. it does ask if you have had experience working in...
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    PI Fined by Court
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    Major Oil Companies Circling Iraq

    News item is a month old but hopefully once the various Companies starting winning contracts then there maybe more work out here in the near future. Major Oil Companies Are Circling Iraq - BusinessWeek
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    Article in The Guardian about HE work in Iraq

    Intersting reading. New taps? Or Iraqi security? East Europeans answer the call (cheaply) | World news | The Guardian
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    PSD Tartan

    I kid you not I spoke to some Yank at the BIAP wearing one. On asking him what tartan it was he said it was "PSD Tartan" a few of them had got together and had one made. The King's Realm: Mercenary Kilt Anyone see themselves wearing
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    Info Required

    Guys does anyone have any info on this firm or know anyone that has completed their course. After looking at there website I have doubts on some of the information put on there. A mate of mine has spoken to them and the head honcho has boasted that they have a contract coming off to train...