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    Handcuff Training

    Where do DS stand legally these days with carrying and using rigid cuffs ? Do certain Police Forces although DS at venues to openly carry and use them without the fear of arrest? Have any DS been arrested for carrying/using them ?
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    Man Hires ex Special Forces to get his daughter back

    Cyprus man tells how soldier recovered daughter when ex-wife took her to Poland | Daily Mail Online One you start reading it transpires there was only 1 person and it was the father that snatched the kid back with his ‘special forces†employee as the muscle. Anyone been involved or...
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    Hostel for Homeless ex-service personel

    There is one in Edinburgh Ex-servicemen, ex-servicewoman housing and care - Scottish Veterans Residences, Scotland, UK The work they do and the support provided for our ex serviceman who have fallen by the wayside is fantastic.
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    For a cpo with no military exp .. is there any point in doing a HE course ? Would it

    Nearly 10 years HE and I still haven't come across an operator that hasn't had military or police experience.
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    Potential walter

    It turns out that he has served in the Scots Guards but not to the extent thats he's making out to be. He never served with 2SG in the Falklands as he's not listed on the orbat as doing so and the mention in dispatches he didn't receive either. As for the other medals I'm not sure but safe to...
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    Potential walter

    SCT he's wearing a Grenadiers Guards Forage Cap with a Scots Guards Cap Star, which if his rank is correct as what he's displaying then unlike GDSM, L/Cpls, L/Sgts the cap star will be gold in the middle with silver on the outside not all gold as he's wearing. Also the forage cap would have...
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    Potential walter

    I'm ex 2nd Bn Scots Guards PM his details and I will run it past a few groups I'm part of.
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    Police Officer Recruitment

    I remember when PCSO's first started in the Met. Two of the them had a punch up in Trafalgar Square as one thought he was from a better tribe from the other and that he should use the radio. Another one was caught while in uniform urinating against the side wall at Buckingham Palace as he later...
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    Angola - Local Security Firms

    Pm me your email.
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    Mark Duggan Killed lawfully

    Not when a jury of 12 good men and women from our peers who have sat through all the evidence provided by both the defence and prosecution decide he was killed lawfully. Duggan was killed lawfully not murdered.
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    Mark Duggan Killed lawfully

    This is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard so far, where are you getting your info from ???? In the confusion of the aftermath and the IPCC rush to do a media statement they were not in possession of the full facts. Please note IPCC are not the Police. They are an independent body...
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    Mark Duggan Killed lawfully

    At last a common sense decision. Moral of the story don't get involved in crime and carry loaded firearms then you wont get shot simples
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    Military to CO 19

    Best weapon you carry is your mouth. Reach for the cs and asp every time you get into a situation and you wont go far. As for SO 19 you need to be able to show and demonstrate to the board you have the necessary skills to join the unit, an Op Telic Tour isn't going to impress much. Anyone...
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    What accountants are people using?

    Been with Dave Bird for 7 years now very good advice and always on my case for days in/out country etc
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    Convoy Protection Jobs?

    Those convoy jobs that remain tend to be top heavy with L/Ns. Not an ideal first job trying to get a foot in the door and unless you have come from a recent military background with good experience chances are slim to no chance.
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    Military to CO 19

    Jammyk87 Its been a while since I have been in the mob but remind me how much form filling you have to do every time you point a weapon at someone or use your sight to observe them. ??? If anything having previous firearms experience can go against you for a number of reasons ie thinking you...
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    Military to CO 19

    Ex military have this conception that as they have handled firearms then this makes themselves more suitable to be a Police AFO. Police have to be far more accountable in the use of force then the military have to. Every time draw your weapon or fire a round off you have to able able to...
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    Israel issues warning to Iran over nuclear bomb report

    Devils Advocate here but it's ok for Israel to have nukes (although never publicly admitted to) but Iran not to... Its obvious Iran has been on the charm offensive lately and should a pre emptive strike happen to stop Iran reaching nuclear capability what will the fall out be over this ? There...
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    Ship with armed guards detained in Indian waters.Advanfort!

    Just seen on BBC world News that the crew have been charged
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    Private Military Contractor Experience

    Jesus Ffffing Christ ......