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    Catching Scum

    I have an older version of this at home. Camera works during the day as well as night time.
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    Does the job surveillance operative can involve only foot surveillance ?

    Pete at ISS has said on here in the past that he will take and pass people with NO D/L.
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    Arrest re tracking device

    In a case of just tracking a vehicle ( and do remember it is only the vehicle that is being tracked , not the person, and therefore cannot get distressed itself:D) that "brave CPS lawyer" would have to be going against current CPS advice. That advice does not mention anything to do with the use...
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    Arrest re tracking device

    Arrested but not charged with anything. I would imagine he told his "wife" what he was up to as even if found how do plod track who owns the tracker? If it is going to be clamped down upon as you suggest what offence do you think has been committed?
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    Covert camera recommendations

    What kind of area are you looking to cover? If night time only is it lit? If you can access an office can you not just plug something in? Some sort of trigger is good but having continuous record is a lot more dependable.
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    Surveillance operatives

    Hi TeddyFox, Do you actually have work available or is this just a networking exercise?:)
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    WWIII here we come! Life was getting boring anyway!

    Hey 45155 you been hitting the bottle too hard and seeing things that are not actually there?☺
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    Big detection

    There is another thread called "bug detectors" which was updated a couple of days ago by "technicalprotection". Well worth a look☺
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    Surveiilance Heaven or Hell?

    I take it the problem of your AS neighbours still exists so I am trying to work out why someone sat in a car trying to help solve that problem would annoy you so much as to commit an offence yourself? I would lay off any self medication you are on at the moment as it is not helping.
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    Best way to go about this...

    After watching "Rent A Cop" on BBC they charge £3.50/week for regular patrols. I would imagine that is the going rate and the ways things are going.:(
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    Farage is an MP??? When did that happen???
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    Rent a cop

    :)When I saw the first one I had to check it wasn't a spin off from "The Office". :) In the previous episode the boss said "Pembo" could only be a salesman because of his record so was surprised to see him on the coach. A quick check also shows that Mr Jones does not have a CP licence but...
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    SIA Business License

    I did not think that the Business Licence application process was ever opened?:confused:
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    Paramedic Advancement?

    Thanks for the offer SL I will bear it in mind for the future but see how the job progresses first. :)
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    Paramedic Advancement?

    Thanks for the reply SL, This is UK based and for a SV job I am doing. I have documents that show the use of the title and am just trying to work out why. Would there be any need to get a phd for any internal advancement if indeed there is any? Within plod there is a rank structure so what do...
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    Paramedic Advancement?

    A qualified paramedic has stuck "Dr" before their name. Apart from possibly but very unlikely they have become a Medical Doctor is there any advancement in the role for this to happen? Thanks
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    Pan tilt units

    The van man uses one of these and I have one for the car as well. Really nice and smooth which has considerably reduced the amount of editing needed to get rid of those jerky moments when unlocking the tripod. :) Hague Motion Control Pan & Tilt Camera Powerhead | Cameragrip
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    Get the gloves off. Time to get serious Mr. Cameron?

    Azarias, I think we are agreeing with each other but you may have missed who the post (you quoted) was aimed at.:) I am well aware of what happened in Tunisia. One lone Muslim gunman and there are those (not me) that condemn all Muslims. One lone white gunman in Charleston and not a hint of...
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    Get the gloves off. Time to get serious Mr. Cameron?

    LW, I don't know why you bother. you know hard facts and reason will only provoke.:D Apparently more people have been killed in the US since 9/11 by home grown nutters than Jihadi ones. Log In - The New York Times Some people seem to think............. MUSLIM SHOOTER - Entire Religion Guilty...
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    Get the gloves off. Time to get serious Mr. Cameron?

    When I read the title I thought "Why should Cameroon get involved in the shooting in Charleston?" Not a lot you can do about a lone nut job is there?