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    Any knowledge of Professional Security?

    I applied to them in 2014 after seeing a job on the internet (Can't remember which website) and heard nothing back. Over a year later I saw another one and applied again and heard nothing back. Fast forward 2017 and out of the blue they sent me an e-mail saying they had work available if i...
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    Video of guy getting backstage

    This has done the rounds on Facebook, so some of you will have seen it. It's worth watching to see how easily he did it. Lessons to learn - don't let people post pictures of VIP badges online.....
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    I would't go as far as claiming that Show and Event are "very good" compared to Showsec, especially when they use a lot of the same people. Ive personally worked for two different small D/S companies which supplied staff to both companies. I could work for Showsec one weekend and Show and Event...
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    Online Spectator Safety level 3

    Guys Im looking for a bit of advice. I completed a spectator safety course many years ago, but I am looking at doing the level three version which is more for supervisors / management. Can anyone recommend a decent online training company for this? There are quite a few options and I was just...
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    Experienced door supervisor looking for advice...

    CCTV work, its pretty boring but the license will be cheaper as you already have your DS, plus in the job interview you can say something about having spent years learning to recognize potential problems from peoples body language etc.
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    I will buy your real-life working the door testimonials

    Dave, Could you tell us a little bit about yourself or what you might have published before? Also what sort of testimonials are you looking for ? As someone has said there will be people with thousands of hours worth of experience. Are you looking at a gritty real look, graphic violence, some...
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    Expired badge

    I had the same problem and e-mailed the SIA. They assured me that I only needed to do the upskilling course
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    Speedy Weight Loss

    Sorry forgot to say that I was about 220lb in April and down to 190. So thats a loss of 30ish pounds, easily two stone.
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    Speedy Weight Loss

    Just to weigh in (no pun intended) with my experiences. I had a long time of inactivity, based around mainly being a nights only manager in an office job. I started Brazilian Jujitsu in April, didn't really change my diet which wasn't great but certainly wasn't "bad", and was at about 185-190 in...
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    Help with US state(s) security licenses.

    Pretty much what I was suspecting, but I thought I'd give it a try. Thanks.
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    Help with US state(s) security licenses.

    So I am currently working for a security company in the USA. We have the fun of having staff working across several different states and are looking to expand. I am trying to compile a list of which states honor other states license, which states will allow temporary work, and which will...
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    Is height a factor on the doors?

    Defiantly got to agree with GreenLid1 on this. Get some training under your belt, especially a grappling system and your be fine if it gets physical and you will have the confidence that goes along with that, which will ultimately help you to avoid needing to use it in the first place.
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    SIA Licence susended, help and advice needed

    Hi, The main question is, is your club house a licensed premises, and is it open to the public? If it is then he will need a Door Supervisor license. It sounds like he is trying to use some of the loopholes in security Guarding and applying to Door Supervision. If you employe him in house (i.e...
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    SIA Licence susended, help and advice needed

    If you are a bar that serves the general public then you need a DS or CP license. The only ways around licensing are if you are using security guards in-house, i.e. shops, building sites, etc, but NOT licensed premises. If you are a private members club then I think you can also get around it.
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    What Are You Reading?

    Being employed only part time (and pretty much add hoc), I'm reading everything I can get my hands on. Currently a mixture of A level and basic introduction college level maths textbooks, US federal and state law (specifically security related), and working my way through the sci/fi / fantasy...
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    Up skilling course questions

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone can answer a couple of questions. Firstly is there a time limit between your license expiring and completing the ups killing course? I believe mine has been about 13 months. Secondly is there anyway to complete the ups killing course online? I currently...
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    EDD Introduction on 18th November 2016

    Q. Do you represent a company? A. Nope. Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Close Protection / Events Security / Security Managment Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. Information/ contacts / advice Q. Tell our members something about...
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    EDD Introduction on 17th November 2016

    Hello, My name is Ed. I actually joined the site many years ago, but then didn’t use my account, due really to being fully employed elsewhere. I have just reactivated it and am enjoying reading many of the threads. I thought I would actually introduce myself this time and participate in the...