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    The public, camera phones and your workplace!

    Can a member of the public video you within your workplace ie working as a DS. I am aware that bars/clubs although privately owned are classed as public places as the public are invited in etc. how may times would you ask someone to stop before you act?
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    NEW to CP but not to CPW

    Good evening CPW I have been a long standing member of this forum and I have finally got around to enrolling in a CPO course here in NI. I have done my homework over the past few years while considering spending the money on a course and industry which is saturated with operatives and coming...
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    Electric Picnic Ireland

    Anyone know who has the contract for security services at this years Electric Picnic in Stradbally estate Ireland. Thanks
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    Green event security

    Hi does anyone have a POC for GES. Ids
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    NPPV Non Police Personnel vetting level 2

    Hi All I have went through NPPV for a job recently, has anyone any expereinces with this level of vetting? What is included in these checks apart from CRB and right to work and for what reasons would someone fail this vetting if they already hold CTC level clearance and a SIA licence...
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    Commonwealth games

    Hi All Has any members applied and been successful on any of the Glasgow 2014 commonwealth games positions? IDS
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    2x DS, 2x 12hr shifts Builth wells wales sat and sun

    Posting for a mate. 2x DS, 2x 12hr shifts Builth wells wales sat and sun £9 per hr DS role.
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    G4S policing solutions?

    Hi All, Has any one worked with Policing Solutions, if so how do you rate them. IDS
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    Seeking festival work to get out of NI this summer again.

    Hi all Currently seeking some festival work over the coming months willing to travel to the mainland if worth it. Would like to work away from NI again this summer. 10+ years in this industry Management experience during the difficult task that was the Olympics & Supervisor on a few...
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    Dismissal appeal

    Hi all Need some advice so thanks in advance. I have been employed as an Aviation agent since April 2011 at my local airport I was employed by G4S but we later in 2011 went in house. On the 21st of Jan I had my photo taken with a girl band member who is a local girl while i was having my photo...
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    covert testing (private coy not DFT)

    I would be interested to hear of other agents work policy when it comes to covert testing by private companies ie redline etc.. One of the female agents at my workplace is being disciplined due to missing a covert test although they informed us that this is only a training aid. I would agree...
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    G4S accommodation misinformation leads to them losing 5 TL's

    27/02/2012 I was contacted by G4S inviting me to attended an assessment in upton part for a Team Leader role for the olympics on the email it stated that accommodation will be provided. So I attended this assessment and had been offered the role over the last 12 weeks I've been jumping through...
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    Hi all Come september I am either going to be completing a sso/anti piracy or cpo course to further my career in security, I am coming from a security background ds/sg/events and aviation no military or police experience. My question for you who may be in this line of work - is there any...
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    G4S Olympics Team Leaders, anyone pass vetting yet?

    Has any other members been for this role or similar and have passed vetting yet who may have more info dates accommodation etc...? IDS
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    X screen training and new duties

    Anyone else notice some problems with the X screen program? for instance stuff that is not or is usually contraband or forbidden showing up one or the other? _____ We have recently went in house at our airport and since then we have been giving extra duties like ramp, cleaning our own...
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    Leeds/Bradford Supplier?

    Hi guys and Gals Looking to find out the supplier for Leeds/Bradford may be moving over soon and was looking to find out if they are recruiting at present IDS
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    Door supervision Bradford/Leeds

    Hi guys and Gals I am thinking about moving across the water to west Yorkshire Bradford/leeds area and I am on the look out for work may that be Door supervision or guarding for now. Could any of you kind people point me in the right direction on good companies in the area I do not mind...
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    Northern Ireland based DS for Oxegen

    I am looking for 3x DS based in Northern Ireland who are willing to work Oxegen festival this coming Thurs 4x12 hour shifts £8 per hour (self employed) 3 meals per day provided PM me on here if interested Thanks
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    Oxegen festival anyone?

    Is anyone working or has worked Oxegen festival in Ireland?
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    Airport facing a shutdown if security staff vote to strike

    The Courier - Dundee ... trike.html One hundred and sixty staff at 10 Scottish airports run by Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd are threatening industrial action in a dispute over pay. The Prospect union has said action could take place in the week beginning July 4, the week the Scottish...