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    Counter Terror Expo. Olympia 21-22nd April.

    Long time no see, might pop down to the hand in flower for a beer if you are proping up the bar :-)
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    Are Websites Listening or Watching You?

    Omnibar? Is that one chocolate for all occasions? Its the search/URL bar at the top of the browser :-) Sent using a device with more computing power than what sent man to the moon!
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    "What are my chances? I want to be a bodyguard but have no experience"

    That is because it had nothing to do with standards, that was just the sales pitch. It was all to do with tax and the HMRC. Think about it and then add in that in house staff were not required to have a licence and would most likely be employed paying taxes PAYE which adds further weight to the...
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    Theresa May “All Private investigators must have a theme tuneâ€

    This would be fitting! :)
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    Working from home - Top tips!

    Fair one, I don't have any family to distract me at home. I think that working at home doesn't suit everyone just as much as working in an office doesn't work for others. Sent using a ZX81!
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    Working from home - Top tips!

    Well you don't want to get arrested so best not send any emails! I didn't realise you could get arrested for that! :-) Sent using a device with more computing power than what sent man to the moon!
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    Working from home - Top tips!

    And the problem is........? The wife and kids go out leaving you to crack one off and send a few emails in peace, can't do that at the office :-) Sent from my Xoom using Close Protection World mobile app
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    Working from home - Top tips!

    It depends on your environment, often I have better equipment than most offices, there is no commute so work / life balance is improved and obviously less costs. One thing that makes working from home work for you is have a dedicated area if you have family but everyone is different. I used to...
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    Data Payment Crackdown by HMRC

    Meanwhile in multinational land no law changes to tax that affect the likes of Starbucks, Amazon, Vodafone (Cameron & Cleggs old friend!) and Google. With an annual budget in the region of £750bn a year, that £50m doesn't sound so big compared to the waste government spend on quangos and...
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    Discrimmination - Who is liable?

    So this is a case of discrimination of dogs! Why can't dogs go shoe shopping? Dogs love shoes! :-)
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    Are they all dead???????????

    Hahahaha that is a great description, I nearly spilt tea over my keyboard!! BTW the rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated but moving back to NZ is quite similar to a near death experience :)
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    G8 Gathering Northern Ireland - Phot pose

    Simple, 9 on stage but only 8 for tax purposes! To think they would actually sort out tax evasion of multinational companies, fat chance! Ah well it keeps the sheep happy :)
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    A 16 hour flight... S**t

    Brunei isn't bad, not much as far as night life goes but there are a few places. Even Evie the tour guide mentioned them! Food good and locals friendly, town tours are good and river trips are even better. Some of those outboard motors were huge, boy racers of the boat world! Fuel was...
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    Oh Dear.....

    Likewise, secret part of the forum? :)
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    The face of the EDL. Make ready your Muslamic ray guns...

    Ah at last....... Also some people with more time than me did this! Apparently he said "rape gangs" but the ray guns was a better concept! :)
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    Do people really read job ads?

    Agreed, better than my suggestion :)
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    Bilderberg 2013 - Watford

    What a pillock! Where does he think central government get their money from? Thats right the tax payer!!! As far as guest lists not available, I guess Sky News don't know how to google! BREAKING: Bilderberg 2013 List of Participants Released | Alternative It will probably be chaos as G4S are...
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    Do people really read job ads?

    If names are going to be changed may I suggest both of you try these........... Space Toast & Preparation H! If it's going to be a comedy show, might as well have the names to go with it! You can even have monogrammed handbags made for you both to fight with :) *Gets popcorn and continues...
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    A 16 hour flight... S**t

    Just sit back and enjoy the ride! Window seat helps (leaning against a window to sleep is better than leaning against another passenger!), most of the time the in flight movies are good for a break from sleeping and window staring! I am on a 36 hour flight to NZ via China next month and now look...