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    Home Office Police Protective Equipment Database

    A usefull link for operatives. Police protective equipment Sent from my GT-P5110 using Close Protection World mobile app
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    CCTV Monitoring in Further and Higher Education Establishments

    Would like to gauge some opinion in regards to the monitoring of CCTV in Further Higher Education Establishments, the current security management review I am working on has brought up a number of shall we say difficult issues. During the client debrief I made a number of recommendations in...
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    CCTV in Education Establishments

    Currently conducting a security review within a Higher Education establishment. The security team is in house, the campus is split site and there is wide use of CCTV. The college is goverment grant maintained, to improve income the college has a number of cafés, a restaurant and future...
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    Prison Officers to be issued with stab vests

    Stab vests to be worn by prison officers round-the-clock to protect them from being knifed by inmates | Mail Online Its about time!!
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    Health, Safety and Handguns in the Security Industry - An Australian Point of View

    An interesting article, came across it by chance. SSAA - FREE Stories - Health, safety and handguns in the security industry - by Andrew Marks
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    Data Payment Crackdown by HMRC

    HMRC have announced that for the first time they now have access to information on all credit and debit card payments to UK businesses. HMRC intend to use this information to aid them in a new crackdown on tax evasion. Under new powers introduced from 1 September, HMRC can now access...
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    Home Office Consultation Findings Published

    The key findings of the consultation were that the majority of respondents were in favour of the introduction of business licensing, the regulation of in house security provision and the transition of the Approved Contractor Scheme to an industry led Hallmark Scheme. One of the issues at the...
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    Cut Crime with the Self Evident App ????

    Any body come across this app? Witness Confident - Simplify Life
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    'Skills For Security' training

    I would be very much interested in hearing from operatives who have undertaken any of the courses offered by 'Skills For Security' - This forms part of a research project that links into a training and development programme that I am currently working on. I would like to hear opinions about...
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    Just had my CV completed by Tom at Security CV, very professional service, turned around within a week and a top quality end product.
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    Private Security Services in Europe CoESS Facts and Figures 2011

    This may come in useful .
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    A Soldiers Poem

    Never a truer word said, a very humbling dedication to our lads and lasses. A Soldier ( Poem by Mason James Macmillan) There is discipline in a soldier you can see it when he walks, There is honor in a soldier you hear it when he talks. There is courage in a soldier you can see it...
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    AED / Emergency Response Instructor Insurance

    I have recently qualified as An AED and Emergency Response Instructor, training via NWAS. I have been advised that I am only insured to use this qualification with my current employer, is there anyway that I can make this skill portable as in using it with other employers? Thanks.
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    What would your standards be within the industry?

    Having read and taken part in some discussion over standards within the industry, it would be interesting to actually see what everyone's perception of these standards are. There are 30,000 + members on here working in all areas, so please do not sit there just reading, put down your...
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    Internet Intelligence / Investigative Research Courses

    Hi Has anyone any information in regards to if such a course / qualification exists? I am looking at doing some further CPD specifically in regards to internet investigation. Many thanks Ricky
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    Entering the Big Wide World

    Hi As an introduction my name is Ricky, and as of Wednesday next week I will be jettisoned into the big wide world after nearly twenty four years’ service to the crown, four years army and twenty years with the Prison Service. Most of my work within the Prison Service has been security /...
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    larpy Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. CP, consultancy and security management. Q. Do you represent a company, if so whats the company name and your role? A. Just taken voluntary redundancy from HMP after 20 yrs. Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A...