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    Iraq says 43 arrested over Baghdad shooting

    Mon Nov 19, 3:05 PM ET An Iraqi government spokesman said on Monday that Iraqi security forces had arrested 43 people, including two Americans and 31 other foreigners, over a shooting in which a woman was wounded in central Baghdad. "This is a message to security companies that no one is...
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    How are the Druze these days?

    And who are they backing in the political struggle in Lebanon? Remember, Kemal Jumblatt was allegedly killed by the Syrians, but then the US shelled the blazes out of the Shouff when the septics were fighting the Amal militia back then.
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    Can A security guard stop and search ur bags if?

    Whiles leaving a large supermarket 2day my mum was stopped and her bags where searched. 1 security guard was infront of her trolly and the other 1 at her side. They searched her bags and check her receipt and found she had payed for all her goods.They done this infront of everyone coming in and...
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    Contactmusic.com COMBS SUED FOR 'ORDERING MINDERS TO ATTACK' PROMOTER Contactmusic.com, UK - 49 minutes ago A hip-hop promoter is suing SEAN COMBS for allegedly ordering three bodyguards to attack him in a New York City nightclub. James Waldon, 27, tried to ... More...
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    Hi there, Covert Munkey here! Just a quick hello to you all :) . Im not very good at introductions but a clue to my background is in my username. I'm RMP CP trained with background in covert ops(sounds a bit walter mitty i know....sorry). I'm well up for this Forum and the new members...
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