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private detective

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    Is it a good idea to hire private investigation services?

    Hello all! One of my friends is dealing with some legal problems lately & he is really upset. He wants to get rid of these problems as soon as possible. Is it a good idea to hire a private investigation officer? How much time does it take to get the case resolved after working with a PI...
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    McCanns: Private Detective hot on the trail of Kate and Gerry McCann ?

    Private Detective, Francisco Marco, head of Barcelona’s Metodo 3 agency, is certain that he will find Madeleines body and therefore bring the McCanns to justice within 5 months. While it looks that Gerry will still get his Christmas bonus and Kate will get another Nanny, if Marco is right...
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    Training to become a private detective?

    I have been an office administrator for 15 years and have just recently been made redundant. I am now in my 40's, and am thinking of starting my own business, since age may be a factor when applying for other jobs. I am thinking of taking a long distance course to become a private detective...
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