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    Which type of CCTV camera is more flexible?

    Hey guys, I own a construction company. We have renovated our office recently. We had surveillance cameras in our office, but we plan to install PTZ cameras for increased security. We consulted an IP CCTV camera system service provider nearby. After discussing, we find PTZ cameras more...
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    Does your house have a CCTV camera anywhere?

    We've just got one on ebay (our first purchase *yay!*) and I just wondered whether many others do?
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    CCTV connection?

    I've got a PTZ controller joystick V1300X-VC from 'Vicon' how can i connect it to a PTZ camera. P.S. only serious questions please as the question is of great importance, thank you very much in advance the problem is not in the cables or hardware - i ust dont know which cable coming frm...