14 000 Ivorians flee to Liberia


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14 000 Ivorians flee to Liberia

About 14 000 Ivorians have fled to neighbouring Liberia to escape violence after contested polls and a political stalemate following strongman Laurent Gbagbo's refusal to quit, the United Nations said on Saturday.

"UNHCR has registered a total of 14 000 Ivorian refugees in eastern Liberia who fled in the wake of post-electoral instability in their country for nearly a month now," a statement by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said.

Expressing concern at reports that some people were not being allowed to cross into Liberia by the former New Forces rebel group, it said: "UNHCR is calling for the protection of civilians and respect for the right to seek asylum without hindrance".

Now the favour is being returned. As when Charles Taylor had his reign many Liberians fled to just about all poinst worldwide. Especially the USA. The Ivory Coast is a French colongy. Most Liberians are Blacks sent back to Africa in the early to Mid 1900's without having a history class.

would for a moment Bago the president give up after he claims that he won the elections.

Hold you breath ladis and gents. Once Charles taylor is convicted guess who has offered to look after this war criminal while he serves his forever sentence? You got it The uk.

I don't wan to get red flag. Again! so I will tread carefully. Your talking about states that are filled with Diamonds, Iron Ore and rubber etc for them to live this way is their fault and the fault of their leaders.

the woman Johnson serleaf has gone below the scene. NO one has hear of her in a while.

USA Liberia French Ivory Coast hahahahah

It will be interesting to see if this news brings an influx of CP/PSD work to the area for the mining corporations and other big time money markets in the region. It might be worth looking into companies that operation in the area and refreshing your CV with them. Just a thought.