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3,000 Immigrants Per Month Prevented From Entering UK

Aug 1, 2010
The number of immigrants prevented from entering the country has increased to approximately 3,000 per month, according to the most recent figures released by the Home Office. There are 2,500 migrants in Calais, the majority from war-torn countries, looking to gain entry to the UK and although there are nearly 500 French officers but there are no British police involved in the operation.

The Home Office has said that their staff have prevented more than 18,000 illegal attempts to cross the Channel in the month of April 2014 alone. They also said that they have given a further £12m to improve security at Calais; help which was offered following riots between border police and immigrants. MigrationWatch chairman Lord Green of Deddington described the UK as being very attractive to migrants. He also said that the large increase in the number of immigrants caught may be because of more sophisticated detection equipment and improve techniques, but it may also represent an increase in the number of people that are actually attempting to enter the country.

Nearly 20,000 migrants were stopped in 2013 attempting to gain entry into the UK, up from just over 9,000 in 2012. Immigration policy is a very hot topic, with the Conservative Party promising to reduce net migration figures by the next general election. The government have been forced to make an embarrassing stand down, stating that it would be highly unlikely that they would reach the net migration target that they set themselves.

The Telegraph submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Home Office, and received data that showed that the number of immigrants attempting to get into the country increased significantly. 3,000 migrants are stopped from entering the country illegally every month, meaning that nearly 12,000 were stopped during the first four months of 2014. A UK Home Office spokesperson said that they foiled the attempts of approximately 18,000 in April 2014, and said that the introduction and advancement of modern and improved technology and techniques has led to this increase.

The spokesperson went on to say that they have invested a further £12m in helping to shore up defences at Calais. They have also helped to reduce back-end costs, enabling more money to be invested in front-line technologies. However, despite this investment, Calais officials have still criticised the UK government, because they have failed to send any frontline staff to the port city. There are around 450 French frontline officers at the port, and the Mayor of Calais had threatened to simply close the port if more help was not forthcoming.

In late 2014, Calais officials criticised the UK for being a soft touch, and demanded that help be provided to cover the costs and the effort securing the port. Hundreds of immigrants stormed the port, breaking down fences, and attempting to gain entry to several ships that were due to come over to the UK. Initially, the UK sent secure metal fencing left over from the G20 summit in Wales, before agreeing to send financial aid.
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