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999 front line Ambulance staff wanted for Surrey Ambulance


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Jul 2, 2015
Dear Ladies and Gents

I am sending out an interest to any medics who are looking for casual/full time work covering front line 999 work in the Surrey region. As a lot of you know I work ad hock for Surrey Ambulance which is a private ambulance company who supports two NHS trusts and they are expanding. They are looking for Medics for frontline work.

The requirements to work as a Emergency Care Assistant (FPOS level) Trainee Technician (class course complete and working on 750 hours patient contact) Qualified Technicians (IHCD or equivalent) or Paramedics (HPC). I am not going to roll on about the position however its working frontline duties, 999 calls. Have a look at them on Facebook.

Some bits
'Rates of pay vary for skill sets however techs get 17ph and earn up to 200pday (self employed) More than some Iraq contractors are on at mo. A Tech on a 4x4 rotation earn 36k pa for sixteen shifts per month. More than NHS trust crews.
.Work is self employed 0 hours or you can have full time roles.
.They pay up to 15quid towards your accommodation, most places here charge 30 per night so you only pay 15. Local B&Bs list with Surrey Ambulance.
.Work is varied as you can imagen and can be on a ad hock basis or full time. I work as and when I am available with no contracted hours. I let the scheduling team know my availability and they accommodate me.
.It gives you the advantage of working with live patients on a varied roles and keeps your skill sets up to date. Keeps you current with new medical directives
.Keeps you in work whilst waiting for the Golden ticket job of looking after a coconut on a paradise beach for 750sterling per day with all the expensive you can occur.
.Also they prefer Blue light driving qualls. They do this too, not cheap like the budgie however they can arrange payment I believe??????. With the Blue light emergency driving you can put it on your Security CV to top others to get you that job, also you have opportunities to go through red lights (under exemptions whilst on 999 calls using good roadcraft skills and consideration for other road users). Spend your money on this before your firearms courses I would say.
.You would generally be working with a qualified or experienced crew mate (or even me, god help us).
.Training provided and on the job experience's.

So if your interested in working 999 give them a call. 01483 801270 ask for Recruitment.

Stay safe and play nice out there.
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