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A couple of stupid questions about radios;


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May 4, 2010
I'm on the phone so can't copy a link but go to Google and look up 'free UK uhf' you should get the freqs. Other than that take customloads on his offer.


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Sep 7, 2017
Shame I wasn't about when this thread was started! CP040's retail ~£100 each. Even if OP got a good deal, it's still likely alot of money!

He should have gotten a set of Baofeng UV-5R's or similar. VHF/UHF. 1 watt and 5 watts modes. 126 channels. CTCSS/DCS. You can get them for under £30 brand new.

They're cheapy Chinese radios, but for what OP needed them, for they're perfect. I use mine for Amateur radio and (illegal) PMR446 usage and I've never had a problem,other than having rubbish built-in microphones, which can be easily remedied by purchasing a speaker mic or earpiece for a few extra quid.

If he just wanted UHF radios, which if used on PMR446 do not need a licence, you could get a Baofeng BF-888, which you can buy for a tenner each. Solid radios for the price. They rate as well as most Mitex and Binatone sets.

If you don't want to use PMR446, you can use the Simple UK Light frequencies, which cost £75 for a 5 year licence with as many users as you like all over the country. Or if you're super edgy, for free. There's no way of knowing who is licenced on air as there's no call signs and they never check. Probably best to find a friend who already has one and get it in writing that you can use their licence.

A mate of mine has a Simple UK Light licence solely for pleasure (another CB pirate...) and I've permission from him to use the frequencies to my hearts content!

G6 Global Communications

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Dec 12, 2010
Your radio questions answered

Hi Lek

I'm Andy Clark, MD of G6 Global, Two Way Digital Radios from G6 Global. I can answer all of these questions for you, and solve all of the issues you have previously had with other radio companies. However, if I go into detail on this forum, the moderators are likely to accuse me of "stealth advertising", as they have previously. So feel free to reach out to me privately either on 07768 501775 or by email andrew@g6-global.com and all of your problems will be solved.



Hi guys,
But of an awkward question (well, actually, a series of questions!) hoping that I can rely on your wisdom, knowledge and experience to help me out yet again!

I'm seriously considering buying a set of radios myself, as I've been messed around by hire companies before (either not delivering on time, charging extras, or not sending the right types/numbers), as well as venues themselves (either don't have any and said they did; batteries always dying because they're never charged, or just broken).

I was only planning on using them at one site I work at regularly for events (the company can't provide any and the venue refuses to pay for them because they're "not essential"), or for any work that I get offered personally, not through any of my companies. I've worked with a few different makes and models over the years, and I was going to go with a dual-pin motorola (the cp040), as it's the one I've encountered most frequently and seems the most reliable.

Here comes my series of questions;
•Legally, when I purchase them, is there anything that I have to do? Ie; with regards to a broadcast license?
I should point out that I'm not exactly flush with cash at the moment, and am currently looking at sourcing some preowned ones that are surplus to requirements by other users (I know how much they're worth individually brand new).
I realise that I will need to test them, by charging them, going through channels, testing whether they transmit and receive, as well as extension ports. As it may have to source from different sources, here come the noob-y questions;
• How easy is it to reprogram a batch of radios to use one freq?
• Can I use different types (ie 4 channel and 16 channels, VHF & UHF) in the same network?
• Can a radio be swapped between VHF and UHF just by changing the programmed freq. and the antenna?

I should point out that, at this moment in time, I personally only require them for 2 weeks, and would then, in all likelyhood, be looking to sell them on (don't get me wrong; I may keep them as a backup to working at other sites where comms are non-existent, but my financial needs may prevent this)

Can anyone help me out please?

Many thanks,
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