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Hi all,

I may be wrong here but there does'nt seem to be much A2A networking going on via the forum. I am relatively new to this site and have found it informative, but unlike some of the other forums such as surveillance it all seems very keep your distance?

I am based in NI, we cover all postcodes in the North and can accept tasks in the RoI. How about we all let each other know the areas we cover and then if needed we can sub work out? Just a thought!


Dave :D
Hi Dave,

Yes i agree with you, my company is based in the south of England, have offices in London and Brighton at present and can cover the whole of the south of England with ease.
If i have any future work especially in Ireland you are defiantely my first point of call!!
Thanks for the reply, nice to see someone is out there in the 'ethereal' world, I will contact you if anything comes up.
Hi Guys, Morrigans are based in Serbia and we conduct investigations and surveillence within the eastern european market. we have an active training team and a small investigations unit available.
If you need anything in the European market let me know and likewise.
The more co operation the better.

I am in North Wales, covering that area, mid Wales and out to Cheshire.

Investigations, surveillance and professional witness scheme.


Hi All,

I'm based in RoI and am willing to go anywhere if needs be, unless it's the mother in laws, then I will gladly hand that task over to someone much braver than I.
Looking for work

Hi all,

I live in central Scotland and would welcome any surveillance work in this area or elsewhere if need be. If anyone requires an operator short or long term then feel free to pm me.

Many thanks.
Dave hi,

Fair comment mate and trust me, after 21 years trading in the small business sector nobody is going to look after small business other than, 'us' the entrepreneurs.

Based in the North of Scotland.

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Hi All,

Just set up an Investigation & Security Consultancy in NI and would be happy to assist if required. DNR Solutions Uk Ltd

Dave already had a chat same applys mate.


Hi Dav,
Good to see your post aswell and good luck with your company, i'm based in the south of UK with offices in London and Brighton so if you need any work doing just give us a shout.

Im just me, but we have all had to start somewhere. Im in the South West, Devon. If anyone needs anything down this way that I can help with at all.

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Hi fellas,

Working out of Thailand and primarily involved in Security Consultancy. However I have a close colleague based in Bangkok who has great experience in conducting Investigations within the Asian region for both corporate and private clients.