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I work from Kenya. My company is quite active in Marsec, on almost any given day we have a job at sea. We also do plenty of other general security work and I am happy to co-operate. Any forum member who finds themselves out here is welcome for a drink. I am also happy to respond to queries about working out here, and Africa in general.
Best Thread

hi all i and a work mate are in the process of setting up a investigations company based in the west midlands.
we will update via this thread once we have our website and company up and running.
we will be promoting our services nationwide and any work that comes our way outside of the midlands to save costs we will source out the work to you guys on here.
fantastic way of allowing small companies to work together.
well done carl for keeping on pushing for this. Also other midland based companies if we get plenty of work through for this region we will not do it ourselves we will use you.
thanks to cm for keeping this thread from disappearing.
Hi.work from Nigeria, cordinate a network of over 200 Certified Protection Officers (CPO) of International Foundation For Protection Officers IFPO within Nigeria. [url]www.ifpo.org[/URL].

Open to network needs of any forum member who requires an form of Security services within Nigeria and the West African Coast.

Last post did not post up it seems!

Myself and a colleague conduct Private Investigations of all kinds, using both physical investigation techniques and open source information.
Our location is South UK but we take contracts from all over.

Info on websites/domains

Email tracking and info

Individual reports/information

Potential client checks

Much much more.

We are looking to network with other companies to pass on and receive work.

Please feel to ask any questions or ask for help at any time.

Kind regards
I work from Kenya. My company is quite active in Marsec, on almost any given day we have a job at sea. We also do plenty of other general security work and I am happy to co-operate. Any forum member who finds themselves out here is welcome for a drink. I am also happy to respond to queries about working out here, and Africa in general.

I can confirm that this is a genuine offer. Thanks for the drink mate :)
It was a pleasure to meet you mate. What I learned about dogs in that short while is worth several more drinks any time..
Investigator - Manchester / Lancashire / West Yorkshire

Hi everyone,

I've been on here a while, but not really put myself forward due to my insurance work. However, times are changing (probably for most of us), and I've now got the opportunity to put more time into other areas, through my company Surveil. If anyone needs any help in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, or any surrounding area, with any kind of investigation, surveillance (including motorcycle), process serving, or legal work, get in touch.

You can view my brief CV on this forum, and you can find my website via any good search engine (type in Surveil). To increase our knowledge, and expertise, my wife (also ex-GMP - 8 years service) is doing Pete's (ISS) photographic surveillance course at the end of June, and I'm doing his electronic surveillance course early in July.


Quality post and an excellent idea. I'm Nottinghamshire based covering Notts, South Yorks, Derbyshire and Lincs area surveillance. Only overseas CP at the moment though.

Private investigation

Is there any pivate investigators in the south west that would be looking to take somone on, part time/full time please get in contact with me.

I am ex Army, and studying a diploma in private investigation,

Thank's Hutchison.
Trojan Risk management

Hi All
Some time ago I listed a dispute my company had with a sub contractor trading as Trojan-Investigations, I would like to point out that this sub contractor is not and has never been associated with Trojan Risk Management, Charles Joseph or anyone conected to Trojan Risk Management. The sub contractor in dispute is called Trojan-Investigations and based in Tonbridge Kent. My appologies to Charlie Joseph for any
embarrassment this may have caused to him or his company.
Great Idea All

Hi all , Great to see everyone working together , im fairly new to the Sv industry based in Southern Ireland , But have Worked on assignments in Both Ni and Uk with good Results , If anybody body on here needs help with jobs etc feel free to drop me an email , Also if anyone is prepared to give me a few pointers or on the job experience as have full kit and am prepared to travel to learn be much appreciated , Regards , Trainee
Great Quote , afternoon if your looking for anyone to assist in Sv or Investigations in Ireland drop me a line , Im fairly new to business but have an extensive network of contacts in both uk and eire , several modes of transport full kit , and very eager to learn soo any pointers or poss On Job Training or Experience would be appreciated .. Regards ..
Traineeinvestigator .
hi Guys, we cover ali of the south west from as far north as Bristol as far east as Bournemouth and as far west as lands end and as far south as you start to get your feet wet, any quieries call me on 07768 072026. or pm me, as for networking there are the ABI, WAPI, AND BRITISH AGENTS as well as VARSITY.some of the associations require some sort of subscription on a yearly basis. best regards paddy
im based in the north west,can cover any area. i specialise in surviellance and gpd tracking.
give me a shout if you need anything
Global Network

Hi all together,

I just came across this threat and signed up immediately as this is exactly what we are trying to create.

First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ben, we are working with a small network of private investigators in Spain and the US.

Our idea is to create a free, global network for private investigators. The purpose of the network will be mainly the exchange of information and jobs as well as the distribution of new case requests by clients.

Sharing information and investigators by forming many agencies and investigators into a powerful network makes investigations more powerful, target oriented and the possibility to solve cases raises.

For all of you who would be interested please pm me. Serious messages only please.

We're headquartered in Shrewsbury and cover the West Midlands and further afield if needed and the price is right!, staffed by former law enforcement officers, CRB checked, trained and experienced in all aspects of investigations and security: including Criminal Defence work, Background investigationshttp://www.md-investigations.com/background-investigations.htm, Locating Missing Personshttp://www.md-investigations.com/missing-persons.htm, Domestic & Matrimonial Enquires, Cell Phone investigationshttp://www.md-investigations.com/cheating-partners.htm and Personal Security/Threat Assessments.