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Ah... the areas apparently redacted are Criminal Defence work, Background Investigations, Locating Missing Persons, Domestic & Matrimonial Enquires, GPS Tracking and Cell Phone Investigations....
Hey everyone Looking for work as well can help if you need it. Experienced in investigations,for Marine for police officer. I have done some work in counterintelligence and counter-terrorism as well. Would b glad to help and yes more heads in this helping each other out is better than trying to go at it alone. I find that people dont want to help especially here in the states do to the economy and jobs being loss one right after another if someone helps its a potential loss for that person. Me personally I believe in Karma what goes around comes around and I will help anyone that needs my help and hopefully it will come back someday thats just my thoughts.
Hi guys
Im based in cheshire , i can cover all the north west . also have other agents in my network to cover midlands , yorkshire & lancashire
Hello I am a Private investigator located in tabasco Mexico. Most of my Job activities it is surveillance, I had the chance to study the Surveillance tradecraft by Peter Jenkings and I really helped me to be more proffesional for my presents and future surveillance operations, haveing the concept 3 car surveillance, implicates more money for client but = Exelllewnt result for him.
Hi All

We are A.Y.Investigations and we are based in Hove, East Sussex yet we operate nationwide.

We specialise in all aspects of Surveillance and also offer K9 Security.


01273 733353
07821 964185
Hi I am based in Villahermosa Tabasco in Mexico. We do Surveillance and counter surveillance activities for the private sector. I hope to have new friends
I agree fully. Networking is key. I Would like to add to my database of agents in UK. Please contact me with your skills, background rates and contact details and I will add them to my database. I am self employed and just starting out. Things are going well, all because of networking and getting myself out there. I have come across some really supportive people through this site. I am based in Hampshire, and mainly specialise in SV work, but open to all sorts of investigation work. If any one needs a female operative....give me a ping. ICU_uk@yahoo.com
Hello all

This exactly what site like this should be about. Just another observation though, I am on Linked under a different username as I suspect are many others. As CPW has a group on Linkedin would it be viable for those on this thread to include their Linkedin username in order to connect on there too. I suggest this as I am sure that those of us on Linkedin have contacts on there that are not on here and hence can again maximise our networking even further.
Shoot me down in flames if you think the idea is as daft as G4S providing all the security for the Olympics:)

I am based in Stafford and can cover all the midlands area, If any work comes up short term or long term contract.

Hi folks,
I am based in Surrey although as an NPIA accredited internet investigator I know no boundaries.
As I increase my skillset in surveillance and other PI related tradecraft I will be looking to cover South East UK.
I can conduct work or offer advice on open source intel gathering, best practice for capturing and evidencing, online people tracing, email tracing and internet based UCO deployments.
If you're looking at deploying an online UCO or want advice on legend building please give me a shout.
Hi All.

Dukeries Detective Agency Ltd are based in Nottinghamshire and can cover East Midlands, West Midlands and Yorkshire at A2A rates. If you ever need any services in the above areas, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will like wise.

Good to see an active forum.

I run Archangel Security. Belfast Northern Ireland based Security Firm Specialising in Process Serving, Debtor Tracing and background checks. Full range of Private Investigation services too.

All current operatives from a military or police background. Years of experience in all aspects: investigations, technical equipment, law and process etc.

I appreciate that we're all competitors to some extent. However we can also use eachother as a network to reach the places too far for a small business to travel.

We operate North and South of the border in Ireland.

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

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