Able to relocate and work


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From next month i want to travel around the globe and maybe to find something to work.
I can work on every position from security field.
No mather what country i can meet the legal eligibility to work.
I have an european valid driver license cat. B and i am qualifield in my country to work in the security field and have some medical and fire-fight knowlegde learned from the course and experience. Degree can be eqivalent in EU country's. I can do specific trainning. Don't have a criminal records.
Some words about me: I have 24 years, presentable, tall, athletic, dynamic, capable of fast reactions, can adapt very fast to any environment, i can speake and write fluent english.
As hobby i am a proffesional rugby player and i am also a armwrestler.
If someoane want to speake or interview me he can contact me via private message or by mail at . Regards,
Cezar I.
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