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Accessory to crime - Licensed individuals


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Feb 1, 2008
What is the score with reporting a crime anonymously?

The crime in question would prob be concidered a minor crime/fraud but is regular and ongoing, making up to £200 per day. It has been reported to the SIA/Crimestopper by someone else, some weeks ago but is still ongoing and indead the individual has taken his "enterprise" to the next step.

He is a licensed individual working as part of a team, whom he his putting at risk by running his little business in their presance despite their disproval.

2 questions; are the rest of the team/co-workers risking being seen as accessories by letting the little enterprise continue?

And can a report of this activity be made at the local police station without giving your name and details?

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Nov 27, 2007
I personally think his co workers should have reported him to the police and let the police deal with him, it also covers their backs legally as they reported him.


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Aug 4, 2008
A quick trip to your local station and explain the situation, if you feel that strongly and someone is doing something that is by the sounds of it is far from legitimate and is causing others distress and the potential to harm other people through an illicit business; ie. on liscencing grounds.

Stand up and be counted.
you have a right to remain anonymous and its not a crime to do the right thing.


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Jan 2, 2008
Your local police should have an intelligence officer, they will keep any sources of intel confidential. However, it may be that they want to take some time over arresting the individual because they want to see who his contacts are.
If his colleagues are doing nothing about his crime and it is going on in their presence they could lose their licenses. So it would be best if everyone reports it. Crimestoppers or your local intelligence officer will not pass on the names of people reporting to them.
There is always the possibility that they could carry out a citizens arrest but only if it is an indictable offence and they absolutely know that an offence is being committed.


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Nov 8, 2009
If his colleagues are doing nothing about his crime and it is going on in their presence they could lose their licenses.
failing to report a crime is NOT a crime, so you will not lose you license however from what you are describing (dealing?) you and your team who are less than happy should send him home or simply refuse to work with him if i was in your shoes pal i would voice my opinion loud and proud.

best of luck


New Member
May 12, 2008
You must stand up for what is right.
Whats the point of working as a security professional, if you haven't got the strength of character to say thats wrong.
This must be done in public in the presence of your co workers, he's had his chance.
He's not a pal, he doesn't give a fcuk for any of you.
You and the rest must tell him at the first joint opportunity.
To fcuk off before you all end up under suspicion, and or nicked.
You all have a collective responsibility.
We (all of us) don't need arseholes like this.
Next he'll offer some of you a bit of money, to make your hands as dirty as his.
I've seen it all to often, and when the shit hits the fan, and believe me it will, you will all be left high and dry and as guilty as he.
We once had a DS (bouncer back then) who taxed a dealer he caught 200 tablets and the £800 he had on him.
Thankfully the big dealers, gave us an up front approach, and not a drive by blasting.
He was inside and we manned the outside.
Its too long a story to go into and took a long time to reach its end.
But he went and a really good guy, who was partnering him and had let it slip for £100 went as well.
The dealer as agreed never came again, and met his comeuppence a couple of month later.
But 'our pal' had put us in mortal danger, that's how these things go.
tell him, all of you tell him, that he stops and goes, or (and have your phone ready)
you will call the old bill/Crimestoppers.
His deeds taint us all.
PM me his number and name, I'll fcuking tell him, amd give him up to Five-O at the same time.
He's an arsehole, and you'll all end up smelling of his shit.


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Oct 28, 2009
Well said OJ there is no room in this business for any "little" scams we have had enough of it over the years .
As OJ says stand up and be counted and get rid of this piece of shit,because if the shit hits the fan your license will be suspended while an investigation is carried out!
Can you risk it ??? Shit sticks mate even if you are innocent the Police are not stupid and would know some of you knew his "little scam" you will be Guilty by association in their eyes !!!

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