Advanfort - Chenai 6


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News just coming in that the Chenai 6 have won their appeal. This was just a newsflash on our local radio so I don't have any more details about release or those from the other countries.
Joanne Armstrong (John's sister) has just been interviewed on our local radio and says all 35 have been cleared but she does not know when they'll be able to come home.
I believe there is still a possibility of an appeal, that may be what is delaying them leaving the country. There might be a time window for the prosecution to say whether or not they will appeal. For those who don't know the history, they were two months in prison before any charges were brought, about 18 months later (some in prison, some on bail) charges were dismissed, then the prosecution appealed, they were found guilty, they appealed that and the judge has taken a year to decide on a verdict of that appeal.
John Armstrong's family have announced that he has now left India and is on the way home. Hopefully that means the paperwork that all of them need to leave will be sorted in the next day or two and can get home.

It is important for anyone considering working in Maritime security that Advanfort abandoned these men practically as soon as they were arrested. The company stopped their wages, haven't paid their legal costs, basically haven't paid them a penny or helped in any way.