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I have recently set up a security company with a friend, we both have over 10 years experience in working in the middle east but not much experience on the UK side, can someone please give us advice on what to do next. How do we go about finding contracts for our new company.


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What to do next depends on where you are now?...
What stage are you at, what have you done so far?

Carl Dowd

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My advice to you both? is to engage with or in an Entry level business studies course, part-time of course... you can find out about these from your local Enterprise company...

Trust this helps

CD (28 years - SME Owner)


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Crikey CD, you must be ancient .....which is why of course you give such sage advice!!!
A business course is definitely a must.
In the short term, look within your network, you will have friends and family who can refer you to potential clients.
And your immediate locale, go to businesses that you use, see what they need, join local networking and business groups who will host breakfasts, lunches etc with guest speakers. Even offer your services as a speaker, your ME experience will make you interesting. Speak about security issues and counter measures.
Get a good lawyer, and a good accountant.
Have a decent business card, one that is traditional, and excellent quality, they are the first contact a potential client has with you and can say a lot. I starting using the Lux from Bloody expensive but everyone I have ever handed one too has commented, it's a great icebreaker.