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I'm currently taking a Security Course, and i've chose both plain Security and Door Supervision to help extend my employability in the industry.

When it comes to the dress of door supervisors, is there a dress code depending on the location of work, for example, smart white shirt and tie at one location and hi viz jackets at another or is it up to said door supervisors discretion.

I'm only asking, as i'm looking at a simple, smart black trousers, white button up shirt, black clip on tie, hi viz license holder for the arm and possibly a waist coat (still on the fence about the waist coat)

I want to appear professional and approachable, and i've seen a few places with door supervisors with bright hi viz jackets on with security plastered on the back and front which sort of comes across as "look at me, i've got authority here" and i would prefer not to show off in that way and be more professional and approachable in my appearance.

Can anyone advise me on this.

Many Thanks


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What you wear will depend on who employs you i.e. Their uniform and where you will be working,
Also why are you doing security training and DS as you can do security duties on your DS qualification?




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Hi Prem

Thank you for your reply, with my course the tutor asked everyone what form of license they wanted, and to be honest over 90% put down door supervision, but the tutors are basically teaching everyone basic security guarding to everyone as a mandatory requirement, and anyone who put their names down for Door Supervision will be taught Door Supervision, and conflict management etc as well, as everyone in the course is new to the industry, except for a few who have previously worked as DS in the past, i think the tutors just want to ensure that everyone learns as much as possible.


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As far as I'm aware the cost of security guarding and door supervision courses are pretty similar so most people go DS as it covers both.

Whether black or whites, or even if suited I always have a white long sleeved thermal top on below, when you're standing in the cold you'll appreciate it. (I never wear a coat working the doors but that's just me).

So, in conclusion, welcome to the forum and welcome to the industry, your apparel is what your boss says it is but make it comfortable, grab a couple of earpieces from the web, one Kenwood and one Motorola.

Most importantly wear a smile, it goes a long way.
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