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Hey everyone,

I am looking for training to get into close protection. I live in America but am willing to travel for the best. Websites would be extremely helpful, because there are so many different schools with the same name. I have been researching ISA, ESI, as well as many more. Anything helps.



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Hello Nubs36,
Just a few thoughts and personal pointers. If you are just starting (not aware of your background and experience) I would stay local, there are plenty of good training co. in the US. What is important is to look for the comopanies contacts and work oppurtunities. You will definatly need it to start off, it is always difficult at the beginning so a good entry oppurtunity into the network is extremelly important. If yoy do want to go international, I would suggest it after some experience in countryso you don't waste to much - you want to invest when you have a better picture of what you will be able to do in the future.
Like I said just some thoughts, not sure if it helps but goodluck, you will need it along with perceveirance. Take care!


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Hello Takis,

I appreciate your feedback, after thinking it over, I'm going to try and do a basic security job here for a little while to get some experience under my belt while I save for one of the training programs. Is there a school in the United states you would recommend over another?