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Advice please


New Member
Dec 20, 2016
Really new to this forum and at the moment just looking at a few training providers. I've been in contact with GSS who do their own training pack as well as collaborate with Malpeet too!
I currently work for the prison service and have no dog handling experience, so will be completely fresh to this industry.
I live in the south east and there doesn't appear to be many GP positions available, is it a case of travelling to where the work is? -and also, how doable is finding work once newly qualified? I know GSS (global support services) offer work on a both a self employed and PAYE basis, as they're based in Cheshire, not sure if they offer work in my area though.
Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.
I have emailed Simon at Malpeet but as Christmas break I, guessing he's busy!
Thank you
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