Aegis Fitness test


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does anyone know the actuall fitness reqiurements for aegis as im deploying soon just need to know what to work on cheers peeps
It also raises the issue of your concern.

Anyone who is serious enough about their profession would ensure that their personal 'fit for purpose' standards are up to par. The fact that you question the level of requirements concerning physical aptitude would suggest to me you do not and are therefore only concerned of what you have to do to get a job and not what you should do to ensure best possible levels of operational capability.

Rich H
The only fitness test aegis used to do were on the matrix contract,which is no longer.They did a 2 miler stretcher carry and few other bits.But i have to echo Rich that you should always be fit for purpose and not concerned with the basic pass mark
Depends what project your on: Orchid, nothing but on the MATRIX (which is now finished) the requirements were - 2miles in body armour (inc side plates), radio and 8 magazines with weapon and helmet, time of 21 mins

The fit for role - 200m patrol out, 200m pairs fire an manouver, 400m stretcher run to be copleted in something like 14mins - thereafter some sort of .....cant think of the right word..... scenario perhaps, this could either be strip down m4 and reasemble or a medical scenario, normally simple like a dehydration.

There new project symphony is a DOD, so they may have something similar to this if you are going as one of the SET team members, otherwise if its gate guard or something they will only prob have you doing a mile run in 9mins.

This is of course if they are actually doing fitness for this project.
i had a pal say today just ell me its a Sprint of some sort then straight into a min worth of push up sit ups then after that straight onto pull ups (MIN of 10 to pass) then onto the 2 miler as stated above in 22 min not worried bout the rest jsut pullups i ****ing hate the things lol to rich i am prepared but as this is my first ever job just putting the question out there.
Fitness is a requirement for the job, as a professional soldier you should have a good level of fitness already, I see your in the infantry so you shouldnt have anything to worry about. The tests are quite manageable for a fit soldier no harder than a pft/acft. Just a bench mark that all need to meet for the safety of the client and oppo's, as if a client out runs you you'd feel a tad silly wouldn't you!!! Lol.
lol yeah get what your saying lol just dont want to look like a prat for only being able to do 5 pull up lol thats my only worry lol the rest i can do without a drama lol but cheers for all the advice im doing a massive crash pull up course lol