Aegis jobs

Lads no harm in calling up and chasing your long u gonna sit and wait, a week is long enough, you could be organizing other interview and jobs etc......
I think i ll wait until close of play Monday then if i havent heard anything i ll call them Tues.

I was in there in the afternoon pal. Then popped for a pint in the Albot. lol
Reading this thread I thought I would pitch in with my 2 pence worth. Theres probably a reason that Ugandans are now being used as team members, thats because they are cheap! A lot cheaper than what you would get a local for, I have worked with these guys before on my first contract with SOC, there monthly wage was about 550 USD and only had about 2weeks leave per year. I dont want to sound negative and tar all of them with the same brush, as im sure there are a small few that could be moulded into good operators if given the correct instruction. But out of the hundreds that I took on the ranges and helped train, 90% I woudnt trust with a water pistol. On the twist II contract they were all suppose to be ex-mil, which made me laugh as only about 1 in 100 could hit 20/30 rounds with an AK at 15 metres into an A4 sheet of paper, even after they were given 2nd and 3rd attempts. Trying to teach these guys is very difficult as they do not seem to take anything in, you might comment bad instruction, but believe me I tried every way to put it though, shouting, pressups, reasoning, humerous, serious, personal pride approach an several others methods but yet it still seemed to go over there heads.
Doing tower checks on these guys in the sangers we could hear them cocking their weapons from inside the towers even after shouting several times "SOC, JUST DOING TOWER CHECKS DO NOT COCK THE WEAPONS" as we knew from previous checks this is what they do.
Some cannot speak English properly and will blagg there way through, they dont understand a lot of instruction but will smile an not an agree as if they do as they are to polite to ask questions or confirmation.
There CRB checks are through interpol which will state whether they have been previously convicted is all, but some certificates that I have seen are questionable as to there authenticity.
There are some pleasent guys to meet etc but I just voice a word of caution to those that will be working with them, "train train train"otherwise I dread to think what these will be like on hatchman or rear observer duties with a loaded weapon poking through the porthole. And if they are driving, I wont go too much into detail about nearly being killed several times in 10min driving assesments at 15kph from the confinds of the camp!
Also good luck on going through check points also.
Just a heads up for all that applied.
I sent an e-mail saying i need my deployment date and had an e-mail and a call two hours later giving me the paperwork and my deployment date. Which by the way only a few days away. Theres a lot of paperwork and your medical to get done which costs roughly 140 pounds.
All in all very happy just not long to get sorted lol.
Hope to meet some of you guys there, if you need any more info just drop me a pm and i ll help if i can.

Good luck,

On working with the Ugandans ensure you have good locks and boxes to secure your kit as they will steal anything that is not screwed down... On the stand up of the project do what we did in Basrah with them and that is march them to the PX and make them buy soap and Deodrant as they wont purchase it but believe me they need it and if you have clients in the same vehicle as them they wont be impressed....Good luck the guys that have got starts and keep your heads down..
well im in there signed sealed and dilivered lol just gotta get he army to release me i deploy in 2 weeks look fwd to meeting u all
Echo all the comments about the Ugandans, if it can be moved a Ugandan will steal it, if it can be opened a Ugandan will open it to look inside to try and steal the contents. Certainly make sure they get soap and deodrant, if you don't they stink to high heaven and no amount of you telling them they stink will convince them. Training, I know exactly what Chalkywhites means, used to watch him and a couple of others on the range, patience of a saint and the Ugandans, in one ear out of the other. Also watch out for the lying... even in the face of overwhelming evidence a Ugandan will typically try and lie his ass off. Yes there maybe 1 in 100 that has integrity, does his job well, pays attention and learns his lessons. If you should find him contact the Guiness Book of Records, because it will be the first. And that's just static... I'd be terrified to be out on the roads with them, reckon you'd be better off going short personnally.

Ugandas on mobile contract???They will run faster than bullets!!So with them in team you guys are on your own...Good luck!

Definitely worth calling i sent a couple of emails but weren't read, one phone call and 20 mins later contract secured! see you out there!

PS. Working on my sprint training so i can out run those pesky Ugandans!! Cant be any worse than working alongside ANP!!!
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Hey all

I'm in the process of getting on with Aegis now. I'm just waiting on the paperwork to be cleared through the U.S. department of state. This will be my first contract. I'm prior U.S. Marine Corps infantryman and I did 2 deployments to Iraq back in the thick of it in '04-'05 and '05-'06 but it looks like if I get on with Aegis, I'll be going to Kabul. Anybody on here worked at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul or in Kabul at all? I hear it's a world of difference from Iraq and I'm sure it is. Any info would be great. Thanks!
We use to go to the Embassy all the time. Right on the cnr of mossud roundabout. Yes I applied for one of those posistions but they are only taking US and UK pers at the moment.
There are a few kiwis working as security there. Your compound is down next to the airport.
when I was there there was a good group of Security looking after the Embassy.
You are 5 mins from the airport. next to the ISAF compound. who have their bazzaars on Fridays.