Aid distribution field operations leader

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Covert Munkey

*Aid distribution field operations leader*
Three positions available.

*Location* - Gaza
Rafah, Middle Areas, North

We’re seeking an English / Arabic speaker that is capable of operating within the constantly changing and complex environments of Gaza.

The individual must have a previous military background, have a deep understanding of security, and have experience operating in the Middle East.

The role will be based around aid distribution to the 2.2 million displaced Palestinians, currently living in tents across different regions of the strip.

The aid being distributed will be aimed at but not limited to the following sectors: food, Wash, Shelter, medical.

This is not primarily a security based role, but will have elements that require the individual to have that experience and knowledge, as this will be essential to enable the missions to be carried out safely and successfully.

*Starting Salary:*
$7,000 per month, plus all expenses paid (As the workflow increases and fundraising efforts have been successful, the ROP will also increase)

*Start Date:*

*Contract term*
Minimum 3 months (likely to be a year-long task)

*Key Responsibilities:*
- Project planning/ management.
- Communicate roles, expectations, and objectives to the team.
- Carry out security risk assessments.
- Coordinating/ planning the logistics involved for aid distribution missions.
- ⁠Perform a range of general administrative duties to support team operations.
- Ground team management.
- Translating conversations between expat staff and locals.
- Build relationships with Palestinian community leaders.
- Conduct Aid assessments on the communities.

- Laptop, sat phone & in country sim.
- Food and accommodation provided.
- Travel (flights, vehicle, fuel)
- Long-term task
- The opportunity to be part of GEM’s future operations, within conflict zones, and natural disaster emergency response teams.

See post below for application details.
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