Any additional training/ qualifications to increase new door supervisors employabilit


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Hi folks,

I have booked a Door Supervisor course and was considering attending additional training in hope to increase my employability in the industry.

Can you guys advise on any additional training that may be desirable from a recruiters perspective?

I plan to do the 3 day first aid course (HSE approved one), I think this is helpful in many roles/ industries

I am self employed and looking to pick up some evening/ weekend work for extra income.

My experience is very limited I done some steward/ security type work around 15 or 16 years ago working at hogmany event etc before SIA was a requirement.
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Where do you reside?
To top up your income you may be able to pick up festival work or stewarding work at local football clubs.
First aid is always a good shout but consider CSCS to be able to work on construction sites as a banksman




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Thank you for the reply. I have a CSCS card as I am also a qualified tradesman. I live in central belt of Scotland. I have looked at events too and will keep an eye open. I dont plan to work for less than £10 per hour and much of the events stuff I have saw pays less than that. I also like the idea of working in a small team rather and have a more direct, challenging and meaningfull role. From looking at jobs recently DS work seems to be better paid and would fit in with my work schedule if I could secure Friday/ Saturday evening shifts.

No offence to anyone who works for less than £10 or anyone who works as a steward.

I am happy to consider all work though.

Thanks for your response :)


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Are you throwing in free accomodation with that, seeing as he just posted he lives in central Scotland?
Not sure the extra 95p will cover his commuting costs :)