Any advice appreciated


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I have recently left the police and a friend has advised me about this website.
I left the police with the usual qualifications a normal PC would acquire such as PSU, and with response and pursuit driving qualifications. I was looking more into the Secruity driving/chauffeur area of work, if there is any companies you folks know of.
unfortunaly I’m based in Yorkshire and not London where the majority of the work seems to be.



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Hi Dan
Welcome to the forum.
You've potentially got a long hard road ahead, pardon the pun, but you can find work up here (I'm based in Gods own Country but for my sins work mostly over the border in Manchester)

Do some research and find security company's that offer a range of services, like guarding, event security and Close Protection - while you're not going to be doing any of that, companies are likely to approach them and ask for the services you can offer. They may already have contracts for manned guarding at company head offices and occasionally need to drive the directors about etc.
Apart from the big national providers, there's a few smaller firms around Leeds and Doncaster, and both places having Airports as you no doubt know there's a possibility there for someone with your skillset driving VIPs who just flew in, so look at executive car hire too.
Also look at Harrogate and surrounding areas (wealth), there are a few smaller specialist companies who offer Security Chauffeur's to wealthy women heading to Bettys for lunch or heading to the shops for a spending spree

Next step is investigate and contact big companies directly, there may be a need to drive the bosses around, go collect visitors from airports and railway stations.
You're looking at banks and financial institutions, tech companies, and don't forget football clubs etc
Also look for companies who naturally have security issues beyond those that money alone brings - defence contractors, companies that some people have an issue with their 'ethics' (animal testing, gambling, exploiting regions of the world for resources)

Google is a great resource, just think outside the box a bit

Important bit - have a squared-away CV but take the time to tweak or re-write it so it's bespoke for the type of role or business you're approaching, Doesn't need to be a big change, could just be the order you present the details, but show you've done some research and actually want to work for the company, rather than you're spamming anyone you can find to keep the job centre happy in order to pay you this months benefits.
I see lots of generic CVs and they tend to go straight in the bin, those that have shown some effort and read like the person understands what we're looking for and are presenting us with a solution go much further.

Good luck!


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MrBlonde thanks for that! Appreciate it, I think that’s what this weeks agenda is going to be, getting cv sorted out properly and I’ll take a look into the airports aswell! Thanks for all the info!


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Thought I'd drop in here to see if much is happening, and as usual, NO.

Dan as previously said have a look through a Google search. But I will say mate, don't just look at one role, look at the broader security spectrum. There's plenty of Security work about. Drop Excellentia an email, they like ex police etc. And also don't discount London work. You may drop lucky with a job that provides accommodation.

Also look at Polaris, they do have some very well paying gigs, and ALOT of driver roles. Do you have a CP Licence?? Will be a good addition to your driving skills and make you more employable, also Mobius International, however, don't just email them with a lame message OK, again they do high end stuff across the globe mate.

Hope that helps


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Mr Blonde and Marshy41 have given you some good advice, further to that you can also contact football clubs and investment companies banks etc...
One piece of friendly advice if you are selecting a car stick with Audi A8 Long or Mercedes S class avoid BMW, I have 2 clients that refuse BMW’s
Also if you are looking at Viano’s get 3.0 XLWB as they are seating arrangements are great for music and private client tasks.