Any ASIS International members on here?


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Hello all,

I've been living in Canada for a few years and have just recently returned to the UK. In Canada, it is more or less a prerequisite to be a member of ASIS International to work as a security manager in any capacity. Are any of you on here members of ASIS and have a CPP or PSP qualification?




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Tommy01, Oil and Gas, industry multinationals that are based in the US or are influenced by US practices, pretty much yes, your right, or an Msc in Security Management or something of the like. They don't cold look at any CV without some form of the above. What the guys are doing now is taking NEBOSH to combine HSE with security. That can double your day rate and give you and edge. Nearly everyone I know is doing it and it seems to work.


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Hi Tommy, I'm PSP certified - I studied and took the exam as I believe the certification is relevant to my job and shows a level of physical security understanding.