Any Help Would be Grateful.....


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My name is Tim, aged 22. I have been working in various types of Security ranging from Factory floor security, Night club door security, Border force migrant holding centers and Close protection for London DJ's are just a few of the positions I've held. I have the SIA Level 2 and Close Protection Level 3 qualifications.

I want to progress to higher levels of security but don't know where to start.
Ultimately I want like to go abroad for CP work as I have no ties at all....

Also firearms training may be needed, not sure but I don't have a problem with any further training courses to further my chances.

I'm not ex military or been in the Police service. This seems to be a priority when applying for CP work.

Just want to move into bigger things or get that break!!!

Any replies would be gratefully received good or bad...

PS. I may have posted this in multiple forum topics, apologises.