any work on circuit after cp course


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just wondering royals ,im doing cp course soon is there much on the circuit?and who's hiring.any input appreciated,nice one;)


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OK Royal,try the big fella's first ie; Aegis(pester them until you get that first interview!!)
Olive Group / TSL Consulting / Minimal Risk / Blue Hackle, and get yourself on the internet & Google cp coys. Good luck bro.


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Try Aegis and I know that Armor Group (G4S) are WELL SHORT of manpower on the BEK Contracts in Kabul. Otherwise try on the Maritime side ie MAST, Drum and Securewest and a company that only hires 'Green Lids' called IPV ........... All the best Andy


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Armor Group (G4S) are recruiting as they are well down on staff for contracts in Kabul. They perfer ex booties ........... All the best Deano