App for locating people


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Hi all,

I'm new here. I've seen this iPhone app called "Where Are You App", it allows you to request a location of somebody via text message. That itself isn't very spectacular.

But I thought what was interesting is that I've found out, you can actually copy the link from the SMS for example to a SMS sending application/gateway that allows you to override the originator number. I.e. i can pretend to be someone else wanting to requests someone's location, but the location will be shared with me. (Almost like hijacking the location request).

I was wondering, has anyone used this app yet? What do you think of apps like these? Useful? Dangerous? Would you recommend to stay clear? Can anyone think of any risks?

Chances are they would just ignore it, because if they are being hunted they would be paranoid like that

Ok, I agree, I would ignore the message if it came from a random number or somebody I wouldn't trust/know well. But let's say I'm receiving it from a number I trust a lot (partner, family, ...) I may be inclined to click the link? Obviously with some technology it is possible to override GSM OAdC?

Anyways, the app I was testing was from Where Are You App - Find your friends via SMS