Are you considering doing a CP Course if so answer this question for me.


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(Not expecting many replies to this one)

What is the criteria you (the potential Close Protection officer) look for when choosing a training provider.

1, Cost of the course
2, who runs the course
3, where the course is run.
4, whats included in the course.

and would you consider doing a course if their was additional criteria for a fitness test, maths/english/general reasoning test, and interview prior to being loaded on to the course.

I see several threads started by you in relation to one of my responses to another in relation to my strong preference of implementing a rigid practise of pre-selection course and fitness requirements on the course.

Are you thinking of setting up as a TP? Just curious as to all these questions that's all?

Rich H
I'll answer in point form.

1. If you count the cost of the course, air travel etc the training itenary I have set up is going to cost me around about $16 000 AU or roughly 10 000 pound.

2. A reputable company with good trainers

3. Does not matter, I am travelling to the US then the UK from Australia, I had considered Israel and South Africa. However I wouldn't waste my time or money doing the training here in Australia.

4. A comprehensive package, That will give me the skill sets required to make me a better operator in the field, If I cannot get a good firearms package with the company I am going to in the UK I will supplement that with a training provider in the US or elsewhere. I am doing courses in the US with Trojan, and will be doing the CPP course with Phoenix. Some reckon I am mad for doing the PSD course with Trojan and the CP course with Phoenix. I could not care less, Just because I have certification from one company does not mean I know everything there is about the business. Training is priceless, However experience is even better ;)

And to your last point, I think it should be a set criteria with any training provider.
In reply I answer 'yes' to all points. I am attending the Forum network event purely for the chance to meet in person with TP's and so they can see me. If they feel I am a numpty then fine, i walk away and re-evaluate my career choice. The other point I am looking for is the reputation of the TP company. I have worked with CPO's on a non-frontline basis (as a door supervisor watching the entrance to a venue) a few have assumed I am a qualified CPO and the main question they ask before anything was 'Who trained you?'. (however in hindsight this may have been because they felt i was a nutter and not as i assumed a qualified CPO)
I have joined a gym since October last year and actually do attend regularly. Because like most on this forum I do believe a potential CPO should have a certain degree of fitness. Also on the point of the maths, english, etc, then 'yes' basic Litracy and numeracy are a must in order to fully understand the classroom based teaching. There are plus and minus points to my top 5 potential TP's and if the need for compulsory basic skills such as numeracy and literacy were a must from the awarding bodies then the Minus points for a few of these would be a lot less, and the industry would be better for it.
I am actually looking for a TP that is not just after my hard earned cash. I prefer one that does not boast regarding their 100% pass rate and would drop me if they felt I was a hindrance to any potential team or a danger to myself or a principal. I have had 2 TP's who will remain un-named that promised to pass me if i attended their courses (SIA have been notified and evidence submitted to them).
I firstly joined the forum in order to research potential TP's and learn from the many on here who assist a newbie such as me.
Hope this answers your question
I think thats a good attitude Olks. Currently working in the Middle East myself and I hear a lot from the others talking about how great they are and how they are experts in the field/risk consulting, why? Because they spent a few years in the Mil and done a CP course?
I like everyone else have the same experiences, however, for this to work as a long term career for me in the security/risk consulting business im looking up courses in all areas to keep the training going and learn other areas with other companies to widen the knowlege base.