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Hi there,

I am planning to join an armed response team and I would like to know how good of a chance I have of passing

Physically, I am pretty fit, I do runs all the time upwards of 3 miles so fitness isn't a problem.

I own an air rifle and do do some shooting and I'm definitely not the best shooter out there.

How hard is the shooting part of the ARV course? I know you do a week or two on the 9mm and another week or two on the carbine. How accurate do you have to be now? Isn't it something like 70%? When I shoot an air rifle, the average I get is around 12-15 out of 20-25, but I don't do it that reguarly. Sometimes I do it once a month, whenever I get time. I know it is different to shooting a proper carbine rifle and a handgun. I've been a cadet in my youth (some time ago now) and did okay with handling SA80s (horrible gun).

So how hard is it and how much emphasis is put onto the firearms course? Nowadays they seem to want to get all the firearms officers they can get so I don't mean if they'll let standards slip because they shouldn't but I'm not one to judge.

My force is Essex Police, but I might transfer to CO19 later.

Much Appreciated



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As long as you remember the firearms principles which you will be taught you will be fine.

Most British firearm coppers I know have no previous firearms experience unless they are ex military. Plus the weapons you will be taught to use are accurate pieces of kit when used correctly.

Just listen to everything the staff say.

Good luck.