Association of Professional Security Operatives


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In reference to the thread

I would like to give the opportunity for the community to suggest and nominate people that they would like to see form an association to represent and help raise the quality and standards within the industry.

It is a chance for everyone to make a difference by nominating or indeed offering support to this idea. If we create our own standard then we are controlling the future of our industry.

Lets see what you have to offer....


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Excellent and thank you for getting behind this idea. Only we have the power to change things for the better and a great comminity spirit which is what I always wanted to foster.
Rich H, Morrigan, DanD, damof121, Scab, you are the start of something we can be proud to be a part of. The more that contribute to this the better the end result will be.


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I am just starting out in this industry so cannot bring anything to the table by way of experience but you have my full support and I will happily assist in any way I can.


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Anything that changes and rises standards can only be a good thing. I am happy to help if needed. I am the director of a new company called Close Protection Angels. It has been estabished for women in the security industry.

Good Luck
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Playing devils advocate here when I ask 'What would differentiate the proposed "Association of professional Security Operatives" from
all the other , so called professional bodies that supposably represent the industry. For example the BBA, IBA, PBA etc., etc., etc?'

Personaly, I think there is a definate need for a recognised, professional representative body; one that will represent both employers, employees and independant operators.

As an employer, i am willing to offer support for any such issues that effect the industry as a whole, however the word "Union", and the the terms "employees rights" and "working conditions" smack of unilateral marxism.

If you are intend to utilise a holistic ethos and consider multilateral issues, then count me in.

Could I also suggest that this topic is bounced over to the "Directors Forum" as well. That way any ideas or proposals can be critically appraised without the unconstructive rantings of Joe Bloggs?


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Good idea in principal and I would contribute when, where and however I could.

Initially, isn't what has been put forward the primary objective of the SIA, raising standards. That been said, we all know the shambles the SIA has been at times. This doesn't want to be just another money making organisation such as some of those that have already been mentioned in this thread.

Nor should this be an elitist self congratulating organisation, admiring itself and its members on its self constructed pedistal, whilst the rest of the operators are out and about working.

Not only does it need to be raising standards within the industry with the internal governing of standards of training and operators ability but consumers need to be made aware of the difference between APSO members, the different levels of membership and the benefits of hiring APSO members over non members.

What sectors would it cover, how would it cover and govern them and subsequently promote them to the consumer, enticing the consumer away from the Government appointed SIA's Approved Contractor Scheme?

This post is not to poo poo the idea as in principal I'm all for the self governing method that took place long before the SIA was conceived but we should appreciate there is alot of work to be done to establish such a scheme and then actual make it work.

What can I do to help?



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Polar you gentlemen in your executive directors box are free to chat in private about your thoughts on the issue, as well as arguing about who's turn it is to buy the directors biscuits for your mocachino's but i know for a fact that Nomad was looking for as wide a variety of opinions as possible, and sometimes 'joe bloggs' may have a cracking idea
That's a bit harsh don't you think?!!

My point exactly.........unconstructive criticism is counterproductive. Do you honestly think that the SIA listens to this type of input "What does the [wiki=1518]sia[/wiki] do for you ? F*^k all is the answer. They take your money, pass incompetents, people who can't speak English, employ non-SIA people themselves, when as directors they are meant to manage and control things. Hypocrits............. GET A BLOODY UNION NOW."

For any such proposals to be viable, employers MUST be involved at grass roots level. For representation to be accepted it MUST include members at ALL levels

I only suggested that this matter is ALSO discussed in the private forum for directors.

If the proposed formation of "APSO" is primarily to represent employees then it will be a nonstarter. You have to appreciate that it's the employers that hold the purse strings, and as such, it is the employers that have the most influence.
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Could I also suggest that this topic is bounced over to the "Directors Forum" as well. That way any ideas or proposals can be critically appraised without the unconstructive rantings of Joe Bloggs?

I think underlined is what you said that rattled cages. The rest of us may not be directors of large companies but we can critically appraise situations, otherwise why would the employers employ us to conduct operations that by there very nature require constant appraisal. As most of the members here are ex mil or ex bill I would suggest that they are all capable. As Annie said 'Joe Bloggs' sometimes has the best suggestions.

And 'no' I am not knocking the directors, they have all worked hard to gain their position, but choose your words more carefully, I am working hard to be in a position whereby I can also employ people...but that won't make my opinion any more valuable.


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