Aviation Safety System


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Everyone else are concern about aircraft safety. I'm sure, the management wants to have control about it and take action before a risk becomes a serious problem. I'm curious and I need to learn about air safety compliance and how do aviation industry fosters compliance for air carriers?


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I am not 100% following what exactly you are looking for, however, Take a look at the following
(This is from a engineers perspective and what is needed to do to maintain mechanical safety for the Air frame and it's systems but predominently it's for Pilot safety. (Life support Systems (LSS) (Inclusive of oxy masks in to a Airbus ect)

Anyone who is anyone who works with any aircraft components needs to adhere to the following guidelines set out by the

EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

There are more in depth requirements set out by Aircraft component manufacturers (individually) how ever they will all set their standards from the above, I however cannot go further into that for legal reasons.


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Yes, I my friend who works in the aviation industry said that audits for regulatory standards compliance can be quite complicated but that it's been better since they started using this solution from ETQ.