British company flouting flag state authority?


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After all the grief we've all been through supporting the final release of the Chennai Six, it's pretty sickening to see (no names no pack drill required) a so called British company run by two former Royals who appear to be absolutely ignorant to the fact that they're placing Armed Filipino's at risk of arrest by placing them on Spanish Flagged fishing vessels in the Indian Ocean. How many times do we have to witness pure f*cking greed taking over from common sense and so called former Brit Mil personnel potentially f*cking up people's lives all in the name of making money at no risk to themselves?

Had a mate recently taking a container vessel out of the Seychelles and he had eyes on this actually taking place. One of his team worked the old Minimal Risk contract on the Seychelles flagged tuna vessels there, and spotted them taking arms onboard. Apparently Spanish law dictates security can only be Spanish nationals who work for a registered Spanish security company. Not sure who's the worst cowboy here, the vessel owners who must know they're breaking the law or the so called British MARSEC company who are providing these poor bloody naive flip-flops? I googled this before posting (just to be sure) and it's covered by what is known as Spanish Royal Decree, so no grey or cloudy areas there.

No doubt there will be nothing done until someone either twigs what's going on under the noses of the relevant authorities or if an incident takes place and rounds are fired and a court appearance becomes impending - will be pretty embarrassing to witness the security team jailed or accused of piracy themselves!

Can't remember how long ago it was, but I did hear that there was also another incident in this region where a TL slotted his TM and then blew his own head off. From what I remember this was also a tuna vessel and the team involved were Spanish - sounds like the wild west out there!

Just feel sorry for the Filipino TM's, I've worked with a few during the transit goldrush and some are good lads and just trying to earn a crust. No doubt if they're incarcerated then the company they work for will just go "pop" and disappear leaving these lads to hang out to dry. No wonder with operators like this, the industry has been reduced to nothing short of a sick joke. Poor timing really, as I think things in GoA and Indian Ocean are going to get a tad lively if the latest piracy activity continues to rise. Just hope when it does go Pete Tong it doesn't end up tarnishing the few remaining British MARSEC firms that have ridden out the worst price war in history and still managed to trade just as things are starting to look up. As for me, I'm glad I left MARSEC as the money became similar to static security in the UK - shocking for lads carrying firearms and still facing a real risk.
This company will soon get found out especially if they dont have an End User Licence for the weapons they will get their guys into trouble like the Chennai 6.